Thursday, June 29, 2023

Sew Powerful Purses #29-32 (2023)

Four more purses finished for Sew Powerful Purse Project. I made one using raw edge scraps and added yarn couching and embellishments and made the purse body from denim jeans. The rest were made using small panels for the flaps and adding fabric strips to bring them up to the correct size. 

Purse # 29 for 2023. Made with a panel.

On the front and back I used this fabric, but had to piece it, so I added some lace and running stitches and French knots to cover up he seam and add some bling too.

Added bling of hot fix crystals to the flap.

Purses #30-31 are fraternal twins, using the same panel, but different added fabric strips to the flap.

On one I sewed some buttons on like this, which was a fun change of pace. 

Had to bling these flaps up with crystals too, especially with those words! I wrote the wording out on the notecard that I included in each of these purses because the girls do not read cursive and some of these fonts might be hard to read even if they could read cursive. 

The back side of both the purses have an added back slip pocket.

I had fun creating this with raw edge scraps of batik fabrics. Some were very small scraps and now will I be able to throw even the tiniest scrap away? LOL!!! I quilted both vertically and horizontally very close together to hold it all together. I couched yarn too. I hand washed the flap before cutting it to shape to make sure it would hold up and it did beautifully! Then I added some buttons and decided after I took this photo to add a few crystals scattered here and there too.

The body was made from denim jeans. You can see the flat felled seam on the frotn pocket here.

I like to add a rivet to the side gusset to hold the strap in place and more bling. I do sew several times over the strap to hold it as well. That strap isn't going anyhwere!

Added slip pocket on the back. I sewed some batik fabric to the top of the pocket to make it tall enough.

Looking down into the front pocket.

Looking down into the lining, with a peekaboo of the front pocket.

It brings me such joy to create and donate these purses to the girls in Zambia.

The 2nd annual Sew-a-thon (and fundraiser) for Sew Powerful will start this September. I have lots of kits cut out, so I will be able to sew the days and month away. I hope to get more purses finished this year than I did last year, but will I? Last year I made 116 purses during the month of September, so I hope to beat that amount this year. Time will tell whether I can or not. Last year I spent a week testing 2 bag patterns for 2 designers, so this year I won't commit to any tests during September and that will help give me more time to sew for the Sew-a-thon.

Meanwhile, happy purse sewing.

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  1. You do such an amazing job of making each one of these purses special.

  2. These are wonderful, Daryl! I always love your creations...especially the denim purses. Love them all!

  3. another success, how adorable and i feel like the lining is a fun surprise. the outside is wonderful with its artsy look with the fabric you created with thread and piecing


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