Friday, June 9, 2023

Emma Half Moon Bag (Plus Pattern on Sale Limited Time)

*SALE* Scroll to the very end to grab your discount code for this bag pattern, which is only on sale for a short time!

I loved testing this bag for Lisa from Around the Bobbin. I knew when I first saw the photo of Emma Half Moon Bag, from Around the Bobbin, that I wanted to make this bag for my last living Aunt. I had some "Night at the Opera" fabric prints and "All that Jazz" fabric print and another musical print, so I wanted to use as many of those prints as I could in this bag and still have it look good. I used 4 different exterior prints plus another print for the lining with one of the exterior prints for the interior slip pocket too. My Aunt will turn 87 in late September, but I will send it to her soon so she can use it when she goes to the operas and musicals in St. Louis. She has season tickets to the opera. She was a singer herself, singing in musicals and other venues. She visited us last July and my daughter, Aunt & I attended the opera in Santa Fe. Making this bag as a cross body bag, allows her to adjust it to wear as she wants to. I even made a small card wallet to match the bag.

Emma finishes at approximately 8 H x 12 W x 3 D. (My last dog was name Emma, she was a Golden Retriever and the sweetest dog ever! I miss her).
Since the front and the back are sewn in 2 separate pieces, I knew I wanted to use 2 different coordinating fabrics for this bag.

On the gusset I used another print.

I interrupt showing you the Emma Half Moon Bag to share the matching card wallet I made to go with this bag. It is NOT an Around the Bobbin pattern, but I wanted to share this wallet too.

This is the card wallet I made to match the bag. It is NOT an Around the Bobbin pattern. I just wanted to share it here since it matches the bag.

Inside the card wallet. Again, this is NOT an Around the Bobbin pattern. I just made it to match the bag for my Aunt.

Okay, now back to the rest of the photos of the Emma Half Moon Bag:
The back of the bag has a slip pocket with a magnetic snap closure.

Looking down into the back slip pocket with magnetic snap closure.

Another fabric for the lining, and I repeated one of the exterior fabrics for the divided slip pocket. I divided this pocket so there is a pen pocket in the center.

Interior divided slip pocket where the center pen pocket is. The pocket can be divided any way you like.

Even a zipper pocket inside too. I hope my Aunt likes the You look beautiful label too.

*The Emma Half Moon Bag* is on SALE now too! Use the code: MOON25 to get 25% off from June 9-11 EOD Sunday Central time.

Check out Lisa's Blog for the tester's version of Emma Half Moon too.

Happy Bag Sewing!

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  1. its a perfect opera bag, who knew there was enough "opera fabric". you did an excellent job and it looks very practical as well. love the fabrics

  2. Such a nice bag, Daryl! I love the slip pocket on the back. I'm sure your aunt will love it, as well as the card wallet!


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