Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Train Case

Hello all you travelers. This week on the Therm-o-web Blog is Travel Week, so I thought I would make a Train Case (or Cosmetic Bag). I have always wanted to try making a train case and now you can try making one too.

So travel on over to the Therm-o-web Blog to check out the tutorial. I used a YouTube video from JS Daily to create this train case, but I have a lot of tips and suggestions that I wrote down so you can create this case a bit easier. I know I will be referring to my own tutorial tips for the next Train Case I make, lol!

I think it came out looking quite adorable.

This Train Case can be made like the video with divided elastic in the inside lid for holding cosmetic brushes and the bottom divided elastic to hold bottles of nail polish and foundations, but I changed my Train Case to include a mesh pocket in the lid instead and didn't add the elastic for the bottles in the bottom. 

Here are the fabrics, zipper and some of Therm-o-web products that I used
 to create this Train Case.

Inside there are a few of pockets too, but I left off the divided elastic section that holds bottles as I don't wear nail polish or foundation makeup. So you can make yours either way, or make one of each.

Check out the tutorial on the Therm-o-web Blog.
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  1. Such a great train case, Daryl! Beautiful always, my friend!

  2. I want to book a trip on a train just so I could use this adorable bag. it looks amazing. I will check out the tutorial. well done

  3. That is really pretty, your case and the fabrics. 'Seems complicated to make, so I would not do as well. Will look at the tutorial.


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