Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Life's a Kick on Route 66: Panel Quilt

Hello lovely people. Have you ever gotten your kicks on Route 66? Well I must say I got a kick out of making this panel quilt and giving it a fun punch by adding the 8 state names (that Route 66 passes through) all around the panel using the Crafter's Edge Alphabet die cuts not only made the cutting of the letters fast and easy, but they look fabulous too! 

My good friend bought 2 of these Life's a Kick on Route 66 fabric panels; one for each of us. She wanted me to come up and idea of what to do around the panel. The panel sat marinating in my mind for about 9 months! I had some ideas, like make a Twister border or partial border around the panel, but nothing really sounded that great or looked good in my mind. 

Meanwhile, I applied again to be on the Crafter's Edge Design team and got accepted again, yay! So I knew I wanted Alphabet die cuts in order to create this panel using the 8 states along Route 66. I didn't plan all the math, just figured the names would fit. Well, when laying out the state names around the panel onto the black border, no matter how I configured the names they wouldn't all fit! So that's when I decided to make 2 of the states in smaller sizes. It worked! So 6 state names were made with Crafter's Edge Alphabet die cuts, and 2 were not. It adds more interest to the quilt, right? LOL!

I was born in one of these states, grew up in another of these states and have lived in New Mexico for almost 1/4 of a century! Yikes that sounds longer than saying 2 1/2 decades.

My Life's a Kick on Route 66 panel quilt with the 8 states that are along Route 66.

Had to use smaller alphabet letters to fit the big state of Texas onto the border of the quilt. 

The Land of Enchantment is home to me and the place I have lived longer than anywhere else in my life (and I moved a lot).

After living in The Beaver State (Oregon) for a few years when we moved from MO, I grew up in The Sunshine State (California). Didn't leave CA until I was in my early 20's.

I was born in the Show Me state, but moved when I was a toddler so I don't remember anything.

The Crossover II Fabric & Paper Cutting System.

I used the various die cut letters that I needed to create this quilt, from letter A to... letter Z.

Thanks Crafter's Edge for making it so much easier and faster to cut out all those letters! I still have the letters for Texas and Illinois cut out of the larger Crafter's Edge Alphabet die cuts, so I might be using those letters for another project one day.

Now as for my friend, I showed her this finished quilt and she loved it, but I have no idea if she will want to do the same thing around her quilt panel or not? I guess I will wait and see what she decides to do. Tara, if you want the bigger letters I already cut out of the states of Texas and Illinois, I can give those to you if you want them. Let me know.

Happy die cutting, sewing, appliqué and quilting!
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  1. That fabric is so full of neat imagery - love it! The whole project looks cool. Was that last image (where you have your "made by" info) something that takes up the entire back of the quilt or is it just label sized?

    The only part I was a bit taken aback by was the fact that these alphabet die cuts are sold at ONE LETTER PER PKG? They certainly know how to make money.

  2. I love how this quilt looks with the colorful, bold letters of the state names around the border. You’re right about the two letter sizes being even more interesting. It’s a fun panel with loads of fun Route 66 images within. You have been a great spokesperson for Crafter’s Edge so I’m not surprised they’ve accepted you to be on their team again.

  3. love it -- back in the 60s we traveled the entire Rt. 66. Nancy A:

  4. What a fun quilt panel. Love all your additions and quilting, Daryl! Congrats on being accepted for another year in Crafter's Edge! You really do a great job for them!

  5. Great quilt. Too fun. I too was born in Missouri. Made quick jump to Kansas then Nebraska and by HS I was in Texas and haven't left. The different sizes of the letters definitely works. Congrats on Crafter's Edge team acceptance.

  6. Well I walked away and don't think I hit publish. If I did you can delete one of my comments. LOL I too was born in Missouri. Jumped to Kansas when I was 11, then Nebraska at 14, and finally arrived in Texas and haven't left. The quilt panel addition is amazing. I like the look with the different font sizes. And congrats on the Crafters Edge team acceptance.

  7. What a neat quilt Daryl and the way you added the smaller state letters is perfect!

  8. you are so cleaver in the way you designed this wall hanging. I love that you mirrored the states from the panel to the border. You did it in such a fun way. the difference size letters really make it more interesting. what a nice story on how the panel reflects your own life. great job as always.


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