Friday, July 22, 2022

33 Doll Quilts + 14 More= 47 Doll Quilts Made!

Hello dolly! I made these doll quilts to donate to my quilt group who teams with the woodworkers who make doll beds. Each Christmas they give a simple doll, a wooden doll bed and a handmade doll quilt to young girls (and a wooden toy of some kind to the boys). 

I wanted to use up the mountains of scraps I had, so I just made free form or crumb quilts, crazy quilt style and used up UFO blocks too by adding a few strips to them. I made 33 quilts. But then before I went to the quilt group to deliver these, I had time to make another 14 more, so ended up giving them 47 doll quilts in all. Also, I gave a  handmade doll I had and a stuffed sheep in case they could give that to one of the children.

Stack of 33 doll quilts.

These were quilt blocks to begin with and I added strips to make them larger.

More 9-patch quilt blocks with added strips.

A stack of crazy quilt style doll quilts.

Crazy quilt doll quilts, using up my yellow and orange fabric scraps.

More yellow and orange scraps made crazy quilt style.

As usual, barely made a dent in my scraps! But these all went to a worthy cause, so that should make some kids happy.

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  1. there will be no cold dolls this winter thanks to you. they are adorable.

  2. These are adorable and such a great project for the guild. I know they will be appreciated.


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