Thursday, June 9, 2022

Stand & Store Baskets

Hello Basket lovers. The Stand & Store Baskets from Around the Bobbin are so practical, easy to sew, have a drawstring, a cuff, come in 4 sizes (Itty Bitty, Small, Medium & Large) and are so darn cute too! Why not make a few for yourself? The pattern is on SALE right now too! Coupon code SAS15 for 15% off the pattern, good through Sunday June 12 CDT.

You can use these baskets to hold almost anything. The Itty Bitty is great for holding your sewing clips, and the large and extra large make a nice project bag for knitting, crochet or hand embroidery and more. The small and medium sizes will hold so many other things too, so pick the size you need and sew one up.

I tested the Medium & Large sizes:
Medium & Extra with their cuffs folded down.

View of the inside of the large bag. There are mesh divided pockets to hold even more stuff.

This is the inside of the medium bag. Same as the large, except a bit smaller. The only sized that doesn't have the mesh pockets is the Itty Bitty as it's just too itty bitty, lol!

I put up the cuff on the large size and pulled the drawstring closed so you can see and compare how it looks and functions compared to the medium size that still has it's cuff folded down.

Here both bags have drawstrings closed. This makes it great for transporting your basket that might be filled with stuff so the contents stay inside as you carry it elsewhere. Then when you need to access the contents, fold the cuff back down.

You can even nest the 4 sizes inside one another, if you make all 4 sizes. Great way to store the baskets when not in use.

The large is a great knitting project bag. My knit socks are in progress. I pulled the items up to the top to photograph.

Here the items are down inside the bag and you can see there is plenty of room for my knit project and pockets to hold my counter and more.

These baskets are so handy and useful and would make a great gift or even a great gift wrapping! Get the pattern while it's still on sale. And check out the tester's versions too here.

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  1. I love these you’ve done a variety of bags like this and I think this version is my favorite the fabric choices are perfect

  2. These are great Daryl. Love the colours you've chosen to make your bags.

  3. Hmmm...I thought I commented. It must have been on another social media. These bags look great, Daryl. They’re so cute when they are open and when closed they protect your project. Cute fabric choices for them too.


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