Friday, June 17, 2022

5 The Viewables Zipper Pouches: Tiny to Extra Large

Hello my lovelies. I made The Viewables Pouches (Moments by Liz Design) in all 5 sizes from Tiny-XL. I made the 3 largest for myself. The small I made to giveaway in a zipper pouch swap I joined. I made the tiny in case someone bailed and they needed someone to send a pouch to someone (which I volunteered to do), but I guess for now that hasn't happened.

I love these pouches to use for project bags that I can see what's inside. The sides expand to hold a bit more too. I use them mostly for knitting projects.

This is the Small Size Pouch
This is the Small Size that I sent to my Swap partner.

Back side of the Small Size Viewable pouch
Back view of the Route 66 fabric.

This is the Tiny size Viewable Pouch
Another Route 66 fabric in the Tiny size.

The back side of the Tiny Viewable Pouch
Back side of the Tiny size.

Bothe the Tiny and Small Viewable Pouches together
Both the Tiny & Small sizes together as a comparison.

Medium-XL sizes of Viewable Pouches zipped inside each other
You can zip the smaller sizes inside of the larger sizes. Here I have the Medium-Extra large all zipped into the Extra Large size for storing.

Extra Large size Viewable Pouch
This is the Extra Large size. I like to add a handle to grab from the top for the largest sizes.

Back side of the extra large Viewable Pouch
On the back you can see I both stitched the handle and added a rivet to secure the handle. I LOVE this coneflower with bees fabric!

Large Size Viewable Pouch
This is the Large size.

Medium Size Viewable Pouch
This is the Medium size. For the Tiny-Medium sizes, I make a longer wrist handle to grab the pouch by. I also rivet it in place.

Medium- Extra large size Viewables Pouches together
Medium- Extra Large sizes together to show the size comparison.

All 5 sizes together so you can see the sizes
All 5 sizes of the The Viewables together so you can see the size comparison.

The Tiny filled with pens
The Tiny size filled with pens.

Side view of the Tiny size Viewable filled with pens to see how it can expand
Side view of the Tiny size so you can see how the sides expand to hold items with some dimension to them.

You can find the pattern on Etsy from Moments by Liz. Or email me if you would like any size(s) custom made The Viewables Pouch made for you in fabric and color(s) of your choosing.
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  1. Daryl, these are all great pouches! It’s always fun to see the fabrics through the vinyl (or whatever product you used for the front). That the sides expand is a fun feature too. I always love a pop of color with a zipper.

  2. I love these so much, the clear pouches are so helpful and I am in love with your coneflower fabric. great job and its nice to see them in all the sizes.

  3. These are very cute. Thanks so much for linking up with TGIFF!


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