Monday, June 27, 2022

Handknit Socks in Variegated Blues

Hello lovely knitters, I finished these handknit socks a few weeks ago. 

My son came to visit on the 15th and brought an invisible friend with him that we'll call, Covid. So pretty much from my son's first day here, Covid demanded all of my son's attention and then wasn't satisfied with just that, so he also demanded my husband's attention as well. He tried and tried to get my attention too, but at first I was having none of it. Eventually Covid broke me down and all 3 of us were under the spell of Covid. My son finally broke free of Covid and then my husband did too. I got it last and so it would take more time before Covid would let me alone, but I finally feel like the worst is over. That Covid feeds off our energy and I have never felt so zapped in all of my life, nor slept so much.

I will be extra cautious again to avoid bringing home those invisible little friends and be wearing masks again while out in public. I haven't even gone anywhere in 2 weeks, but when I am up to going out, I will be masked. Believe me I never want to have a visit from Covid again! It's highly contagious and with summer here and people traveling and visiting, be extra careful my friends. Nothing ruins a vacation more than a visit from an invisible friend named Covid.

So here is the pair of socks I knit. 

Stay healthy & safe my friends.

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  1. I’m glad your on the mend! The sOcks are really pretty. Hugs,

  2. So sorry you had to have that 'friend' visit, did you all have your shots? Your socks are beautiful, at least you felt like doing a little knitting during that visit.


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