Saturday, August 22, 2020

Large Cross Body Bag with Matching Little Wallet

This is a pattern that I have had for years and never made, so I decided I would make it finally. It looked a lot smaller in the photos of the pattern. It's the Cross Body Bag by So Sew Easy. There is even a free video tutorial that you can watch if you don't want to follow the pdf instructions or prefer videos.

If you click on the link above, you will also see photos of the tester versions of this bag. You can use 2 fabrics or one for the exterior, which will give the bag a different look. I decided to use one fabric for this.

The bag closes with a magnetic snap under the flap, has an adjustable strap and has lots of pockets inside and out and I found the instructions to be excellent. I thought maybe next time reducing the bag just a bit by 10%-15% smaller, but I'll see.

The bag measures about 12 1/2" wide x 12 1/2" high x 2 5/8" deep. It would make a great day trip bag where you might need to carry several things with you.

For sale in my Etsy Shop.

The back of the bag features a zippered pocket with a slip pocket behind it. The strip of purple on the zippered pocket is a design element that I added. I didn't have a large enough width for the zippered pocket, so I pieced in that purple strip, which picks up the touches of purple in the fabric print. I think it adds a nice touch too.

I didn't sew the straps into the bag sides as per instructions, I preferred to add the strap connectors to the sides of the bag and rivet them in place. It gives a nicer look and adds bit of bling too.

Inside the bag is more pockets. The slip pocket I divided to hold a pen and the Little Wallet I tucked into the pocket next to the pen. Across from this is a zippered pocket with a slip pocket behind the zippered pocket. As you can also see I got creative with my lining and used 2 fabrics, a solid and a print in a pale purple/lavender color.

Under the flap on the front of the bag is a slip pocket with a curved center.

The slip pocket on the back of the bag behind the zippered pocket.

The bag with the matching wallet.

Inside the wallet are 3 sections. The first 2 hold cards and the last one at the back is the deepest and will hold folded cash or folded paper, etc.

This matching set of bag and wallet is for sale in my Etsy Shop.
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  1. nice bag, i love them when they can be cross body purses. the pairing of lavender on the inside is a beautiful surprise and i really like how the wallet came out. i'm sure it will sell quickly.

  2. You are very good at sewing bags.

  3. You are really a master at making such professional looking bags. Love the handmade limited edition tag!


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