Friday, May 15, 2020

Zippered Pouch in Batik Strips with Added Name on Pouch

Just before this virus closed down so many places, a woman in my stitch group asked me to make her a bag with her name on it for when she played golf to keep her stuff inside. We met and I gave her the bag and the next day all our groups were cancelled until further notice. I was happy that I was able to get it to her, or I might still have it waiting until we would see each other again.

Becky wanted the bag bright colors, but left the rest to me. So I decided to use many bright colors and used lots of strips of batik fabric. Then I enlarged a font on the computer for her name and painted it on the fabric. I added a wrist strap (to hang off her golf bag). The bag could double as a cosmetic bag or small project bag too.

The back side of the bag.

Bright lining too.

Quilted with variegated thread in wavy lines.

Becky didn't want any pockets inside, but I thought she might at least want a pen, so I used some fold-over elastic to make a pen holder.

I had to include one of my Thank You pens for her. Actually it says, "Thanks-Patchouli Moon Studio-Bags by Daryl P"
Becky was pleased with the bag and that made me happy too. I hope she was able to use it for something else until she could play golf again.
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  1. Lovely pouch, and great tip for attaching the pen ;)

  2. No one does the variegated thread wavy quilting on batik fabrics quite like you, Daryl. It's like a signature feature. Super pouch! (And I hope that golfing is open to you guys now. I don't golf myself but I've always thought that it was an activity that could be made safe relatively easily.)


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