Monday, July 1, 2019

The Allure with Philodendron Leaf Applique

Here is the 4th Allure Bag that I made in a reduced size. (5th Allure total). For this Allure I chose a pink batik fabric and Uncorked fabric. The batik print was large and there was no good way to fussy cut the flap, so I found another batik that was just dark pink and decided to add an applique to the flap. Since the batik was a leaf print, I thought of doing a Philodendron leaf. I had some hand dyed green fabric that I dyed years ago and it looked great with the pink. I placed the leaf so that it overlapped the bottom Uncork fabric flap accent. I really love how this applique and bag turned out! Makes me want to go somewhere tropical to use this.

I will probably sell this bag at the fall craft show. I am still making a few more of these Allure Bags before I do choose the Allure that I want to use. I love them all, so I want to make sure that I choose the right one for me. I do wear a lot of pink like this and royal blue and purple, so what color Allure do I want? I haven't made a purple one yet and I do have a lot of blue bags already. I don't have a pink bag, hmmm....decisions, decisions! See why it's so hard to choose one for myself.

I did sell the first reduced Allure I made, so that takes care of choosing that one. But wait, I could make another one in those exterior colors (don't have any more of that interior fabric), but do I want to make the same color combination? Nah. I usually never repeat the same fabric for the same bag design, so all my bags are truly one-of-a-kind that way. Besides, most of my fabric cannot be purchased anymore because I either bought the fabric years ago, or got it at a de-stash sale and it was probably older stuff from a quilter's stash that isn't for sale anymore. The only new stuff I have is the Uncorked fabric in a few colors.

Okay enough bag making babble from me, lol!!! On to the latest reduced size Allure. The fabulous pdf pattern is from Christine of ChrisW Designs (also available as a video).

Back of bag. You can see here how large the leaf print was and why it wouldn't work on my flap.

Cell phone pocket a the top back of the bag.

Philodendron leaf applique on flap.

Inside is a zippered pocket and a divided slip pocket.

Purse feet on the bottom.

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  1. I think this is my fave Allure bag you have made so far. The leaf was a great idea and the fabrics are stunning. This bag is on my bucket list but there are a few projects ahead of it.

  2. WOW what a statement, this is your best allure bag yet. the applique over batik is brilliant. the cork really sets it off. You of course did a great job sewing but your choice of fabrics and applique really make this one shine. i have no doubt it will sell. Well done!

  3. I love anything made with that uncorked fabric. It's so clever - and so are your bags. That bag looks just right for a Hawaiian holiday. Thank you for linking up to the Peacock Party.

  4. 'Love this Allure bag, gorgeous. Great pattern and fabrics.


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