Wednesday, July 31, 2019

8 Warren Bears in Velour and One in Plaid Flannel

I had some velour that I bought years and years ago and decided to use it. So I made some more Warren Bears. I made 3 velour bears in the original size and one in plaid flannel and then I reduced the size to 75% in order to make 5 more velour bears. I have scraps left in the velour to use for the noses and muzzles, but no more velour. I can make a few more plaid bears though. I used wool for the hearts on the bears.

I love how cute these bears came out in the velour and the plaid. I embroidered their eyes since they might go live with young children under the age of 3 years old and I don't want to worry about a child choking!!! If I knew an older child would receive these, I might add button eyes next time.

This is a free pattern from Shiny Happy World.

Family of 9 bears large and small.

Teal, purple and turquoise bears at 75% size.

Original size turquoise bear. I added a 3-D bee in the photo for fun.

Original size plaid flannel bear.

Original size purple bear.

Original size teal bear.

Blue and green bears made at 75% size.

All 4 original size bears.

All 5 smaller bears at 75% size.

The whole gang of 9 bears.

A few of these bears have sold, but I made more in red and more plaid too. Email me and describe the bear you want and if I still have it, the cost will be $18 for the small size and $23 for the large size. Price includes shipping.
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  1. Totally cute! The one in flannel looks like he is wearing pajamas. How big are these? (They seem to span several rows of bricks in the background, but then I don't know how large your bricks are.)

  2. Those are so adorable! I love the blue colors!


  3. Adorable, i feel like a kid again just looking at them. the velour works so well. Great job as always.

  4. I found the free pattern for Warren Bears recently and thought I would make some for donation toys. It seems a great pattern, nice and easy.
    Your "gang of bears" looks great!

  5. So, so cute, Daryl. My favourite is the plaid flannel.


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