Monday, July 8, 2019

Serendipity Hip Bag with Straight Top

Last month a woman who worked at a local store saw customer of mine wearing a bag that she bought from me. She inquired about the bag and my customer took down the woman's email and phone number and then through a round about way contacted me through my neighbors. She didn't have one of my cards, but knew a few of my neighbors. So I contacted the woman who wanted a bag made.

She wanted a cross body bag in denim and khaki with a zippered pocket on the front and the back. So I emailed her a few bag photos that I thought fit the description. The Serendipity Hip pattern actually has a curved top, but I have made it in a straight top a few times. The woman liked the straight top better than the curved one, and this was the bag she chose. Next I had to ask about the shade of khaki and denim she wanted, because as you know denim comes in dark and lighter shades and I emailed her a chart I found online showing 6 colors of khaki. Khaki is one of those colors that can be tan to green, light to dark and what I envision in my mind when someone says khaki and denim might not be what someone else has in mind, so I wanted to be clear on the colors. I still didn't get a specific answer back, so I decided to do what I do best and choose the fabrics myself. I was pretty sure she would like what I picked out.

She did seem to like it when she came to pick it up. She wanted this for a trip she was going on. I was pretty darned pleased with how it came out and I really love the denim on this bag and might do some more denim combinations.

Khaki batik print and denim.

Zipper closure and front zipper pocket.

I added a back zippered pocket instead of adding a zippered pocket inside the bag.

Looking down from the top of the bag, above the zippered pocket is a slip pocket and phone pocket inside the larger slip pocket.

Inside I added the 2 credit card pockets with the larger cash pocket behind them.

My signature zipper pulls that I make for zipper pocket and closures.

The Serendipity Hip is a ChrisW Design pdf pattern. Click on the link to see how this bag looks in a curved top. The tester photos are the small ones at the bottom of the larger photo. My tester bag is the pink Eiffel Tower print with black accent fabrics.
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  1. Nicely made bag. Very nice zipper pulls.

  2. Well, if I had thought of using khaki as a colour, it probably wouldn't have been as nice as your selection. (My idea of khaki runs more towards the green spectrum and that wouldn't seem a likely companion to denim.) Very nice choice of fabric and I love how your little zipper pulls have matching blue beads. Curious - was the denim upcycled or purchased fabric?

  3. The khaki fabric with the denim is a winning combo, Daryl.


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