Monday, July 29, 2019

My Make a Wish Challenge Postcard got Framed!

I sent in some postcards I made for the Make a Wish Challenge that is part of  the annual Sisters (Oregon) Outdoor Quilt Show. I made a few postcards with the Robert Kaufman challenge fabrics that were sent to me (the 3 prints I used as the background to my postcard here were the challenge fabrics), as well as postcards using my own fabrics, which you can also send in, but they are not part of the challenge, but could get framed.

The postcards using the challenge fabrics were judged and there were some winners of that contest that you can see the winners here. (I was not a winner). But any postcard that was sent in had the possibility to get framed and to be auctioned off in a silent auction. They chose 70 postcards to be framed for the auction. Most of these cards were made by the teachers who teach Mon-Friday before the Saturday quilt show.

I got an email telling me that one of my postcards had been chosen to be framed. I was thrilled!

My Fat Cat here was the chosen card. I asked my friend who lives near Sisters to let me know what the postcard sold for. The bidding stopped at 2:00 on Saturday the day of the show (bidding started Monday). At 12:30 on Saturday she said the card was up to $135 (bidding on the cards starts at $50 with a minimum of $10 bid or a buy it now for $250). So I do not know if it sold for more than $135, but I was thrilled that someone wanted to buy it at any price, lol!!!

Those challenge fabrics was a challenge indeed! They reminded me of men's boxer undershorts, lol!!! 

High Desert Frameworks of Bend, Oregon very generously frames the chosen postcards each year and they do a wonderful job! The first year they starting framing postcards I sent in a postcard I made of Coneflowers (not a challenge fabric) and it got framed and sold for $85!

My postcard with the challenge fabric in the background.

My postcard framed. Sold for at least $135 (Maybe more? Who knows?)
Some of the postcards that were framed using the challenge fabrics from Robert Kaufman. 

My Fat Cat.

My friend took this photo when it was up to $125, so it had at least one more bid after this.

The Kaufman Challenge postcards.

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  1. Wow! It looks awesome. It's amazing how professional framing (which can be nasty expensive) will enhance something even more. Great cause, too. Congrats!

  2. What an honor for it to be framed, but just look at that sweet face!!!

  3. That is so very special! Congratulations!

  4. This is so awesome Daryl! Who could resist a happy fat cat. Congrats!

  5. congratulations!!! its an honor to be chosen and the cat is adorable your cat photo bombed the postcard. it was fun to look at the other winning cards as well; loved the one with the guy and truck not sure how much of that was already on the fabric and how much was added on. great job.

  6. Congratulations Daryl! Your Fat Cat postcard is Fabulous and the money went to such a good cause. I hope my comment shows for you and is fixed. I miss letting you know how much I love your projects. Summer Sunshine Smiles...


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