Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Large Size Zipper Diamond Pouch

This is the size large Diamond Pouch I made (Moments Designs). All these fabrics I used I had used in other bags and had leftovers that was just enough to make this large one. All 3 sizes are great to make and depending on the scraps available on hand, that would be which size I would choose to make, unless I had a particular size and need in mind first.

As in the small and medium sizes that I made, I also painted this zipper too. I guess I don't have many colors in the zipper sizes needed for these 3 sizes. I have lots of colors in smaller and larger sizes, but I hate to cut a perfectly good large zipper  just to fit a smaller bag. I know if I make more of these Diamonds I will have to buy these zipper sizes in lots of colors, lol! Or pick my zipper first and then choose my fabric to match my zipper! 

I divided the slip pocket in half on this one with a pen pocket in the middle of the the other two pockets.

Here is the lovely Diamond family: Papa, Mama and Baby. If you wanted a matching set you can make all 3 using 2 fat quarters of fabric.

See how nicely they all fit into each other? They could have also been called Matryoshka Pouches after the Russian dolls that fit into each other from tiny to large dolls.
Want to buy the pdf to make your own Diamond Pouches? Find Liz on Moments Designs on Facebook to buy this or any of her bag patterns. If you are not on FB or just don't want to search to find the pdf, then email me and I will forward your email to Liz. If you want the pdf soon, then hop to it. I read that Liz will be on vacation later this week, so you will have to wait until she returns if you don't do it now.
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  1. More fabulous pouches! I love that blue and pink together, paired perfectly.

  2. you have a beautiful diamond family, i love that they can fit together. that foam gives it such wonderful structure and the diagonal pattern for the layout gives it a lot of interest. Great choice of colors, love the painted zippers and all the pockets. they look really practical as well.

  3. Those pouches are so cute!!! I may have to get the pattern. I have been making some wallets and bags out of denim lately, so fun!!!

  4. Be still my beating heart! These bags are delicious! You sure can choose just the right fabrics for your bags, large or small. That’s a gift, you know!


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