Sunday, July 21, 2019

Companion Carpet Bag in Blue Batik

I made this Companion Carpet Bag (Mrs. H pattern) in a blue batik fabric with Uncorked gray accent fabric. I really love this style bag. It opens nice and wide with the internal frame and has an outside pocket and pockets inside as well and can hold a lot of stuff too. It's such a great classic bag design.

This dark blue batik has a subtle print and the blue would go so nicely with any outfit.

Nice depth to the bag.

Say ah! Opens so nice and wide and just look at all the room inside! Plus a divided slip pocket and a zippered pocket too. A nice light lining makes it so much easier to see what's in your bag. 

The slip pocket I dived in half with a pen pocket.

A zippered pocket is a great place to put things that you really want to keep safe and separated from other items in your bag. so you can find it easily.

The back side of the bag.

I added stabilizer and purse feet on the bottom of the bag.

The bag is accented with the faux cork fabric as well as brass colored rings and rivets.

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  1. Beautiful bag, Daryl! I’ve never made a bag with a frame, but I’d like to give it a try, maybe next winter when I’m back in Texas and I’m near shopping opportunities, lower postage rates, and less on my plate. Think I can do it? Will you be putting this one in your Etsy Shop?

  2. Always fun to see the surprise of fabric inside too!

  3. you are on a roll with this bag, great colors and so practical. i think its great your adding feet to the bottom of your bags, very helpful to keep the bag clean. love the batik.


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