Sunday, July 7, 2019

Medium Size Zipper Diamond Pouch

Not too long ago I made the small size Diamond Zipper Pouch. Now here is the medium size Diamond Pouch. This pdf comes with all 3 sizes: small-medium-large and you can make all 3 with 2 fat quarters of fabric if you want a matching set. I wanted to use up some miscellaneous fabric that I had, some leftover fabric from other bags that I had made. So my 3 Diamonds are all different fabrics, but they still shine, lol!

I used a scrap of denim for the lower part of the bag, which looks great with red fabric. My accent is a gold fabric and inside I used a red ticking fabric. Again, since I didn't have a long enough red zipper, I painted the zipper red with fabric paint. It works, so why not?

Both a zipper pocket and a dived slip pocket inside.

I divided the slip pocket with 2 pen pockets on the left side. Or add a nail file in one.

On the left is the small Diamond Pouch I made first, so you can see the size difference. I have the large one made too now, so I just need to post about it another day.

I love these pouches! They open so nice and wide and do not have a frame and you can use 3 fabrics on the front. You can purchase the pdf from Liz of Moments Designs on Facebook. Or email me and I will forward your email to Liz if you want to buy the pdf, in case you are not on Facebook. She will invoice you through PayPay and send the pdf to you within 24 hours of payment.

I will be showing you my large Diamond Pouch here later this week and will have all three in one photo as a size comparison.
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  1. Paining a zipper...that is just pure genius! These bags are just too cute. Love the denim on them.

  2. Another Diamond that shines! I love that your using what you have!
    Clever idea with the zipper!

  3. Painting a zipper - never in a million years would I have thought of doing that. Clever! Love the asymmetry.

  4. what a great project for playing with fabrics. its a wonderful and useful bag with great space. i love a large opening on all bags so you can actually see what you have inside. well done.


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