Thursday, February 7, 2019

Arabesque Bag in Purples-Pinks-Aqua

I made this Arabesque Bag (from Sew Sweetness) in Purples-Pinks-Aqua batik fabric a while ago and it sold at the last craft show I did in November. I do love making these bags as I can add all my own touches and changes.
This is the original size (I have made some at 80% and 90% too).

I quilted this in wavy lines. I added rivets to the strap too.

A charm for the zipper closure.

The back of the bag I am now adding a zippered pocket to all my Arabesque bags in all 3 sizes I make them in. This bag really needed an exterior pocket, but I hated to cover up all that beautiful batik patchwork and quilting on the front or the back of the bag, so decided a zippered pocket works best as it only shows a bit without covering anything. If I ever get around to making this bag in one fabric, I can add slip pockets outside too, but I am having too much fun making this bag in patchwork strips, lol!

Side depth.

Isn't this interior fabric so fun? Purses, shoes, sunglasses, lipsticks, hats and more...all the things a woman needs.

Other side of bag.
I will continue to make Arabesque bags in all 3 sizes and all kind of colors and sell them at craft shows and in my Etsy shop too. I love choosing the fabric colors for these bags and putting them together. It satisfies the quilter as well as the bag maker in me, lol!!!
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  1. These are definitely MY colors, Daryl!! Love this bag. You do such a great job on bags. I have made a few, but need to get back and do some more!


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