Friday, February 8, 2019

Fabric Basket Tote Bag in Southwest Print

I have been wanting to try making the Fabric Basket Tote Bag (by Caroline of Sew Can She) for a long time and I made it a few months ago. I made changes (of course!). I used foam stabilizer in it so it would stand up nicely. I chose a Southwest fabric print of pottery for the center and a nice rust color for the sides of the bag. Accented the bag with a chocolate brown for the handles (I made my handles differently than the tutorial) and top the binding. I also added D-rings and rivets to the handles and strap tabs too. I did not add any piping on the bag. I think it looks great with the changes I made.

Nice and wide at the sides. The only thing about using a fusible foam is it wrinkles a bit and won't press out. I decided it makes the rust fabric look more like leather with a bit of a wrinkle in it, lol!!! No more fusible foam for me! I quilted the center section of the bag and it didn't wrinkle there, so as long as I quilt the fusible foam I may be okay using fusible foam. Still learning.

Closes with a magnetic snap, but can be made with a zippered closure too. Two interior slip pockets. One I divided in half with a pen pocket in the center. This bag opens up nice and wide!

I accented the pocket with the chocolate brown fabric.

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  1. I like the shape of this bag, too. Good on you for explaining away the wrinkles! Such interesting fabric.

    I see your little leather "coin purse" handmade tags. I saw them on Amazon last week and was this close to buying them when I decided that I don't make enough things to put them on!

  2. wow you did get the fabric to look like leather and when you pair it with the southwest fabric its a perfect fit. the shape is fun and it looks beautiful and practical. i think you made some great changes to the pattern.

  3. Great looking bag! I appreciate your info about the fusible foam. I have never tried it so - good to know!

  4. I use the sew-in Flex Foam and no wrinkles! You get the same structure without all that wrinkly stuff...


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