Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Primitive Funky Cats Table Runner

I had started making some cat applique blocks (Alley Cat Tales Primitives Never Enough Cats pattern) with the idea I would make it into a table runner. I had stitched around most of the applique parts, when I got an email from a blog friend & customer of mine who wanted a Spring table runner. She was thinking of stars. I mentioned to her I was in the process of making a cat runner (she is a lover of cats) and I would send her some photos in progress. Well that was it, she said forget the stars she wanted the cats! LOL!!!

I then asked her about the other colors and made some fabric suggestions to the triangle color and the 4-patch colors. I made one 4-patch and selected some fabrics I thought would look good. One was a pink print, but she didn't want the pink. Anyhow, she did like the stripe fabric and the 4-patch and so I took it from there and put it together and quilted it. I knew if this runner made me smile, she would be beaming with delight when she got it. I did enjoy making this, especially the cats. I might just have to make another one some day, but in different colors. It always feels good when something I make goes to a good home.

To give the cats a bit of individual purrsonality, I placed their eyes each a bit differently and gave them each a different mouth too. I also wanted to place the cats each heading in a different direction to add more to the wonky, funky feeling as well.

Primitive Funky Cats Table Runner.

Since the cat blocks were not square, I had to add a strip on one side to make them square so the setting would fit correctly. I like how it looks, so it turned out to be a happy accident. 

I saw a setting similar to this online on a different table runner and liked it, so I decided to give it a try. 

Straight quilting in the triangle areas and free motion quilting on the rest.

Each cat's eyes are a bit different in placement. This one is horizontal.

This cat has diagonal eyes, angling in.

This one has vertical eyes. I didn't quilt on the cats, just around them. I wanted the cats to puff out a bit.

This cat has diagonal eyes angling out like a Siamese. As careful as I am when I photograph black or dark fabric, those dang littl lint monsters come out and just throw themselves onto my dark fabric!!! I can never see them in my camera or my naked eye because they are so sneaky and fast! But there they are once I load my photos. One day I will defeat you little lint monsters!

I took this photo to show how it might look with the pink fabric for the triangles. The pink fabric picked up the pink in the cat noses and the pink in the floral print of the 4-patches too. But it would have been a lot of pink, so I think the blue-green stripe that was chosen was the right choice.
I borrowed my daughter's oval table to photograph the runner on a real table.

Fits just right on my daughter's oval table. Now I can see how it looks on a table.

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  1. I love it!! Thank you, Daryl -- and yes, it does have a really good home!

  2. Está bellísimo! Amo los gatos

  3. What a fun table runner. Cute colors, too.

  4. Those are the cutest little cats and love the table runner!

  5. How cute! I bet your friend is delighted. Thank you for linking up to the Peacock Party.


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