Monday, February 4, 2019

Toddler Size Backpack

Before Christmas, a quilting friend of mine asked me if I could make a backpack for her granddaughter, who is a toddler. I was up for a challenge and so said yes I could make that. I hadn't made a backpack before, but knew it wouldn't be too difficult, especially a small size like this. I had a few backpack patterns for larger children or adults and a tutorial for a cute child backpack, but that was written in Chinese. Still I liked the look of that backpack and so I took the best of it along with ideas from others and created my own toddler size backpack.

I decided to make a prototype one first to make sure it came out well before making the custom one. The fabric that my friend had liked of the fabrics I showed her, I only had enough to make one, so I better get it right. She or rather her daughter wanted something vintage looking and this blue fabric with birds and flowers was chosen. She requested her nickname on the front, so I made an applique and before sewing on a double-stacked button for the "i", I asked if her granddaughter would try to pull it off and put it in her mouth, because I wouldn't add it unless she thought she wouldn't do that. She thought it would be fine and I stitched in place really well!

I lined the backpack with a yellow gingham and made the pocket on the front in the same fabric too. I love blue and yellow together.

But before I show you the blue and yellow toddler backpack, let me get back to the prototype one I made first, so I can point out the few changes I made in final one.

This is the first toddler backpack that I made. I chose a few color that went nicely together. I knew right away that I made the carry handle at the top too wide, so I changed that and made a narrower one in the 2nd backpack I made. The front pocket first of all wouldn't allow me to applique the name on it as well because of the shape of this pocket and because I stitched a diving line down the middle. So I changed the pocket to a rectangle in the next backpack too. The other thing was the straps I had set a bit farther apart on the back of this backpack, so in the next one, I moved them closer together. The rest of the backpack is the same. So now you can get a look at them both:

You can see the snaps at the top of this backpack when this is fully opened. But snap the sides and it cinches the top smaller without a drawstring.

Here the top sides are snapped together

The front pocket was divided in half, which was fine for this backpack, but not enough space to applique a name, so I changed this pocket in the next backpack I made for Kit.

The straps are adjustable to allow some room for growth.

The flap snaps in place and the backpack opens up for a toddler to put all her little treasures inside.
Inside the backpack is a divided slip pocket and a zippered pocket too. I left off my usual beaded zipper pull because I was worried a small child might pull it off and put it into their mouth. Not a good idea to have a child choke!!! I thought is would be good for small hands to work a zipper too. Extra special treasures can be hidden in this pocket.

Next is the custom made backpack for Kit:

I fused on the letters for Kit's name and like I mentioned earlier, I asked if putting a double-stacked button on this would be something Kit would pull off and put into her mouth or not and was told it should be fine to add, so I sewed it on extra secure.

Fully opened. I also quilted the body of the backpack.

With the flap and sides snapped closed to cinch the bag in more securely.

Back view and the adjustable straps are set closer on this backpack. The carry handle I made narrower and folded in half in the center and stitched also.

Unsnapped at top.

Slip pocket inside I added a binding of the blue fabric at the top.

Also a zippered pocket, but no zipper pull, so it can't get pulled off and put into a child's mouth.

My friend showed me a video of Kit opening her gift on Christmas and putting it on. It was the perfect fit! She was happy and that really made me happy it worked.

The first backpack was sold at a craft show in November for her granddaughter too.

I have a different idea if I ever make another child backpack in the future. It will be about the same as this, but a couple of other things I thought to do.

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  1. adorable, i love the fabric you used for Kit and all the pockets are perfect for a kid. i just hope she won't lose it. what a special gift for a child.

  2. So very cute! I love them both. Can I ask where the pattern was from? I would love to try to make one. The only backpack I have ever tired was a coin purse one that I will never make again! What a pain that one was.

    1. I guess you are a no-reply Patti because I didn't get this comment in my email. I combined some things from a few places in order to make this backpack. One was written in Chinese (I think) and translated. So I only had photos to go by as the translation didn't help very much. I made several changes anyhow. But this is where I got the inspiration from: Hope you return to read this Patti. You need to add your email in your settings in order to get an email response so you are not a no-reply. If you add your email and want to check it to see if it works, make another comment on my blog and I will see if it comes into my email and if it does I will respond back by email.

  3. Both of them are adorable backpacks Daryl! Your work is always so neat and well done!


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