Monday, February 11, 2019

(MIY) Make it Yours Bag & Cat Fabric Folder

I finally got around to making the Make it Yours Bag (MIY), designed by my blog friend, Rochelle of eSheep Designs. I had liked this bag for a long time. It is a free pattern on Bluprint (formally Craftsy). As I was making it, I truly did make it my own! I make a lot of changes as I usually do anyhow. I will explain them under each photo.

Fanny Is here modeling the MIY Bag and to show the size of the bag.

I had this cute black cat fabric and thought it would look great as a bag. I paired it with some large polka dots and a lime green for the straps. I quilted it in wavy lines. I used a foam stabilizer so the bag stand up nicely. I added straps tabs and rivets too both the tabs and the straps.

On the back of the bag I added a zippered pocket. Rochelle does tell you to add whatever pockets you want to inside or out. I thought about adding this zippered pocket on an angle and then decided to just make it as I normally do. You might also notice the shape of my bag is a bit different too. Well I will explain. I started out making the non-pleated version and adding a gusset. But when I added the gusset, I didn't really care for how it looked. Maybe it would have looked better had I gone for the pleated version? So I ripped the gusset off the bag and boxed the corners instead. Since this bag shape was slightly curved, it was a bit different to box the corners on a curve. Well it didn't stop me, lol! So the bag has a bit of a curve that goes into a square boxed bottom. Well Rochelle, you did say to Make it Yours!

Handmade zipper pull I made.

Inside I added another zippered pocket. Apparently I didn't see that little black thread at the top!

On the other side I added a small slip pocket and divided a pen pocket in it. The bag closes with a magnetic snap.

On to the Folder~
I wanted to make an applique pocket for the inside of the MIY bag above, but it ended up being too large of a pocket, especially after the changes I made to the bag. So I decided to make one of my fabric folders (my own pattern) and put this applique cat pocket onto the front of the folder. So I just added another thing you can add to my folder pattern: a pocket outside! See I even make changes on my own patterns, lol!!! You can find the pattern to make a Patchwork or Applique fabric Folder on Makerist, as well as all my patterns there (some are free).

Applique Cat from Alley Tales Primitives: Never Enough Cats pattern. As you can see I used the same fabrics as the MIY Bag above.

Not enough fabric to make the diagonal pocket, so I pieced it together first.

The back of the folder also has a pieced strip. I quilted the folder as well.
Note: Remember this applique cat as you will be seeing more of them in a different project that I made recently too.
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  1. Great fabrics and what a fun set!

  2. Such a fun bag in those fabrics and of course, it looks amazing with your added changes.

  3. You are the queen of bags my friend!

  4. You're so funny, Daryl... you're the queen of "make it yours" (and zipper pulls)! Although I think in this case, the bag is so different that it hardly makes sense to say it's from my pattern. I do love the bold fabrics of these projects and the fat puffy cat table runner in your next post.


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