Thursday, January 31, 2019

Nine-Patch Pincushions

I made all of these pincushions last year. I wanted to use up scraps, buttons, poly stuffing and give a few to friends in my applique group and the rest I gave to our large quilt group who in turn will give them to the charity fundraiser at this year's Fiber Arts Fiesta in Albuquerque. The Fiesta asks all fiber guilds to make some kind of "do-lollies" (as one member calls these little handmade items) and the items are sold for $5 each to raise money for the chosen charity that year. You can find some really nice things and it goes to a good cause too. So along with a bunch of other items I had already made and donated to the group, I gave them some of these 9-patch pincushions.

I made more than the 13 pincushions I show here because some of them were made in the exact same fabrics. I think I made 20 total.

Oh that lint! Why does it show up when I take photos?

This was the first pincushion I made and it is tiny. Here is a visual to show you the scale of the tiny one. I decided to increase the size and made the rest in the larger size.

To show you the difference in size between the two, you can see how small the one on the left is. The one on the left is 2.25" square and the one on the right is 4.25" square. I decided 4.25" square was a nicer size and easier to make and used up more scraps too!

I had some strips that I found that were already sewn together, so I made these in stripes instead of  9-patches. Good way to use up some already sewn pieces.

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  1. you are so generous to make all of these. they are adorable, i'm a firm believer that you can never have too many pin cushions. some of yours are the perfect size to make into wrist pin cushions. great job and i'm so impressed you can sew 9 patches so small.

  2. Love these, Daryl... totally cute (and potentially finicky to sew)! Good on you for the charitable effort.

    Finally get to see that bee fabric up close; it was the white wings that got me confused the last time I saw it.

  3. Super cute little pincushions, Daryl - great way to use up teeny tiny scraps.


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