Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Mayla Little Bucket Bag

I have been wanting to make this Mayla Bucket Bag for a long time. It's a free pattern from RLR Creations. It looked so cute, but I found it was a very small bag and a bit fiddly to sew in places. I made this a few months ago and sold it in the local gift shop in October.

It calls for using Decor Bond fusible interfacing, so I used it, but I do not like that interfacing because it wrinkles too much and you cannot even steam the wrinkles out. No no more bags will be made using Decor Bond.

There is an outside zippered pocket as well and an interior slip pocket, but for such a small bag I thought it was a bit overkill to have an interior pocket. Anything you might put inside that pocket (other than a flat piece of paper or something similar) would take up much needed space. There is not a lot of room inside to carry much. My wallet was too large, my reading and sunglasses cases didn't fit either. So unless you have a tiny wallet, you could use this bag for carry that, a cell phone and keys and not much else. I know there are women who love small bags, but unfortunately I am not one of them. Just my eyeglass cases alone take up space and so I need something large enough for those and a wallet and keys.

My conclusion is that I wouldn't make this bag again. While it is very cute, unless I enlarged it considerably, it just wouldn't be worth the effort to make another one. There are far too many other bags out there that I enjoy making better. I am glad I made it and saw that it was something I would not repeat again though. So onward and upward to making another bag on my "to make" list.

The back has a zippered pocket.

Inside is a slip pocket that I divided with 2 pen pockets.

Closes with a magnetic snap.

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  1. Sounds like it might be a good bag to make for little girls if you shortened the handle and used a different interfacing. I could see my grand daughter (age 5) loving this little cutie. But would grannie love making it!? LOL!

  2. It is a cute bag but like you, if I am going to take the time to make a bag for myself then it needs to be functional.


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