Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Patchwork Potholder with Crochet Edge & Mug Rugs

I made a potholder using Lori Holt's (of Bee in My Bonnet) tutorial. I used up some blue fabric scraps and the crocheted edge was easy to do. But I didn't have any of that silver heat resistant material, so I used Insul Bright batting instead on the potholder. The potholder turned out cute, but I thought I would rather make some more as mug rugs, so I made 3 as mug rugs and just the one as a potholder.

I made two mug rugs the same, so the backing on the left side is the same on both and the patchwork on the right one is the same too. So this way you can see the front and the back at the same time. Aren't I clever? Lol!

This is the potholder I made in blue patchwork with blue crochet edge.

Here is the back of the potholder where you place your hands inside. Like I mentioned earlier, I used Insul Bright batting and lining the potholder in a muslin fabric.

I made another one as a mug rug with blue crochet edge.

This is the back of the mug rug.

These are the 2 mug rugs with natural color crochet edging, as in the first photo, but showing the fronts only here.

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  1. like a patchwork pie, adorable.

  2. Very cute! It does look like a fancy pie with the crochet edging! You could add that edging to socks too!

  3. You are clever with your photography — ha, aha! Nice work, but I'm curious about one of your fabrics. At first glance I thought they were bees, but then, not?

  4. Such fun and pretty potholders and mug rugs! Your crocheting around the edges really looks beautiful.

  5. Sew cute! I love the potholders and mug rugs!


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