Saturday, January 5, 2019

Happy Birthday Quilted Applique Table Runner

I made this last year for my sister's birthday in December. She had a milestone birthday and I wanted to make her something special. She can use it for the birthday celebrations in her family or when having a party for a friend too.

I started by creating a scrappy neutral background. (I have a free tutorial for Sewing a Scrappy Background on Makerist .Click Makerist link on the side bar to see all of my patterns). Then I enlarged a font I liked on the computer for the wording. I found a lot of clipart and some I enlarged for the applique motifs I used on this table runner. I added some hand embroidery and then I quilted this runner. The applique is all done with fusible web and machine blanket stitching around the shapes.

The applique motifs themselves were all out of my various scrap bags. The background was all scraps too. The only yardage I cut was the binding and the backing fabric.

I am pleased with how this one turned out and my sister told me it was gorgeous, so I know she loves it too.

My sister has a long table, so it was made long for her table. I didn't write down the measurements.

I added a few cupcakes in 2 sizes to the runner. 

Ice cream cone with whipped cream on top.

Several balloons adorn this table runner too. I hand embroidered the strings.

A stack of boxed gifts. I love that Happy Birthday fabric I had a scrap of.

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  1. That's adorable. I know your sister had to be over the moon in love with it! Using clip art give us so many fun options! Great job.

  2. That is just the cutest table runner, Daryl. What a fun piece that can be used over and over.

  3. i was lucky enough to see this in person and let me tell you a photo doesn't do it justice. its HUGE and so fun to look at. The details are wonderful. The fabrics are all so attractive and your color combinations scream "party". i love the font you used and i think it would make a wonderful banner as well. you did a great job quilting it as well because its pretty without detracting from the design. i'm sure your sister loves it.


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