Monday, January 21, 2019

Kisslock Metal Frame Purse

I bought a kit to make this purse I don't know how many years ago. I had sewn the pieces together, but it sat for years until a month or so ago I finally sewed the bag to the frame. It takes time to sew the frame on, and things do tend to shift around no matter how I basted it around the frame to hold it in place. Since this is a larger frame than I have used before and has an "M" shape to it, it was more time consuming to sew on. I know how it is to sew one of these frames on, so I have always been too nervous to try the glue on kind of frame. I just know I would have glue on the purse and me and ruin it all, so even though the sew on kind is a pain, I would rather sew (and rip out if I need to) than to glue it on.

It actually came out nice and I am glad it's finally finished. I never had a frame like this with the metal handle (see photos lower down), so it's nice to be able to try one. I think I will stick to making other bags instead of using metal frames like this; however I do have other metal frames I bought years ago and need to make some bags to use up those frames too. They are a little different than this frame. Maybe if I can get myself to make one bag a month using a metal frame this year, I might use most of them up. But then you know how making plans go, so I won't make any promises. We'll see...

I did like this pretty floral print. 

The other side of the bag to see the rest of the floral print.

I had to hold up the metal handle because it won't stay up on it's own.

The handle fall down like this if you don't hold it up.

The inside of the bag. I love how the bag opens up so wide.  See those little metal thingees on the lower right and left side? You can clip on a chain strap so this can be worn on your shoulder too. The metal handle can be removed or just let it flop down like in the photo above.

I added a slip pocket inside too.

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  1. The purse and handle are really beautiful and I can't even see your stitches.'re good!

  2. That's gorgeous!!! I am the opposite of you on this--I'd much rather glue than sew (but that's because my sewing of the frame isn't as nice as yours).

  3. did you end up gluing this frame or sewing it i wasn't quite sure? what ever you did ended up looking fantastic, i love the antique look of the frame and shape. the fabric you used was a great choice and the whole effect is wonderful. great job as always. what kind of glue do people use for these sorts of frames?

  4. Beautiful Daryl! I remember doing blog hops with Madam Samm and making several little bags with the metal frame....wonder where they are???


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