Thursday, December 6, 2018

Sunflowers Over a Fence Quilt

In August I went to a quilting de-stash sale with a couple of friends. It was fun to find lots of goodies at bargain prices. I had no idea what I would find when I got there. I was looking for anything that caught my eye, but hoping to find some red, purple and neutral fabrics, which I did find some of those too.

One thing that caught my eye was a kit for making this sunflower quilt. I love sunflowers and blue and yellow together, so I snatched this kit up for a great price of $10. I made it in September and hung it on the wall in my bedroom, but haven't had the chance to post it and share it with all of you.

I used all the fabric that came with the kit, except for 2 of the brown sunflower centers I just didn't like at all and used my own brown for those. One brown in the kit was nearly purple in color and the other was brown corn-on-the-cob print, which I didn't want for my sunflower center. The rest of the fabrics were from the kit and I used my own backing fabric.

I usually never buy kits, mainly because I prefer to choose my own fabric colors; but at this price how could I not snatch it up? I love how it turned out. The sunflowers are supposed be peeking over a blue fence.

The brown flower center on the left was my fabric I replaced from the one in the kit.

The brown flower center on the left flower I also replaced. I think my brown choices look much better than the other 2 browns that were included.

I like that chicken wire background fabric! So cute.

Oh and my other 2 friends also loaded up on goodies of their own. It was a fun day and it will take me several years just to use up what I purchased at that de-stash sale. This was their 3 or 4th annual sale and only my second time attending. Will they have another sale next year? I don't know. Maybe I will attend if they do, or maybe I will chain myself to my sewing machine to use up the other stuff I acquired at this sale. It's hard to resist a good sale though. My one weakness....
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  1. This is so cute and a great deal, too. I don't usually buy kits, but every once in a while one grabs my attention. Having a de-stash sales sounds like fun!

  2. Very cute quilt, Daryl! I love sunflowers too! Hmmm, I'd love to attend a de-stash sale!

  3. I love sunflowers - hard for me to successfully grow them, though. I do like the way the petals of your sunflowers are facing in different directions. A lovely quilt.

  4. great job i love how you used the colors and played with the pattern. the flowers are beautiful they really look they are blowing in the wind. the fence is so pretty and the screen looking fabric matches perfectly. quite the eye catcher and well done.


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