Monday, October 30, 2017

Pumpkin & Stars Table Runner

I have been making table runners for my sister. She wanted holiday table runners. So I mailed this off to her already so she could use it now, rather than give it as a gift in December and have to wait nearly a year to use it. 

This was a free pattern designed by Pat Sloan, that she calls Wonderful Pumpkins. On Pat's runner she sewed on a ton of buttons to her pumpkins though! Well that isn't very practical to have buttons like that on a runner and besides that, it really covers up the fact that the pumpkins were patchwork. So I did not sew on buttons and I made this runner longer too. Pat made hers with 3 pumpkins and I added 2 more pumpkins and 2 more stars to make this my runner longer.  I love this design and it is a great scrap buster project too! I dug into my black, gray, orange, white and purple scrap bags to make this runner. I accidentally made too many blocks, because I forgot about the border when I was figuring this runner, so if I make one more block, I will have a set of 3 pumpkins and can make one the size of Pat's.

Today is also my nephew's birthday, so Happy Birthday Drew!
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  1. Such a nice pumpkin and star runner, Daryl. Love the oranges and blue stars on the light background with the dark night border.

  2. your sister will love this. I agree NO buttons on table runners. I made a bunch with buttons and they look nice but make the table runner hard to use. I like the contrast of colors you used. great job

  3. Lucky sister, and very sisterly to give her this one a bit early so she could use it right away - I'm sure she appreciated it :) I think projects with buttons are better suited to hanging on the wall - buttons are a great embellishment, but they do detract from the practical aspect :D Just think - making the extra blocks means you're 2/3 of the way through another project - a gift for yourself, perhaps :D I hope your sister sends you a photo of the gift in "action" - that's the best kind of thank you :)

  4. That is so adorable, great job. I'm sure she will love it and get a lot of use out of it. :D

  5. Love the oranges and blue stars on the light background with the dark night border.


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