Thursday, October 26, 2017

Knit Doll Blankets for Charity

The quilt group I belong to has an on-going need for us to make doll bed quilts. They partnered with a wood working group of men who are making darling doll beds that have a headboard and foot board. They give the doll bed, a cloth doll and a quilt (or knit blanket) to a young girl at Christmas time, who might not otherwise receive a gift. 

I made several quilts that I already donated. Then one day I was looking at my rather large yarn stash, especially of miscellaneous skeins of yarn, and I thought why not knit some blanket instead of making quilts? So in the evening while watching movies, I knit not only these, but I have already knit a lot of other ones too that I turned in already. My yarn stash is slowly dwindling, I am knitting and some young child will have a blanket for her doll. A win-win!
My fabric basket is overflowing with doll blankets. I even gave them the basket too.

When I run out of yarn I use another yarn to finish. Sometimes I use 2 or more smaller balls and alternate the yarns as I knit. Mostly I am just knitting garter stitch, but I did knit a few others in other stitches.

I haven't kept track of how many blankets and quilts that I made and donated so far, but I am sure it has to be somewhere between 50-75. It's a fun and easy project to do and it's so portable too, so I can work on it anywhere.
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  1. Myyyyy goodness! Good for you!

  2. What an awesome thing to do - I remember how much I absolutely LOVED my dollies when I was a little one (50 years ago, ack!) - mom gave me real baby clothes to use with the dolls - it made me feel like a real mommy :) Nice way to bust some yarn stash - how big are the blankets?

  3. What a lovely thing to do. I still have the "walking" doll that Santa brought to me 64 years ago. My grandmother made more than a dozen hand stitched outfits for her. Many happy memories!


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