Thursday, October 19, 2017

16 Clematis Wristlets plus 2 Smaller Zippered Pouches

I made 16 Clematis Wristlets, a free pattern by Blue Calla Designs; plus 2 smaller zippered pouches too. I am going to do only one craft show in November and I hope to sell these there. Whatever doesn't sell there will go to a gift shop. If you see something here you would like to buy please email me asap before it gets sold.

I loved putting together the fabrics for all these bags. A lot of the fabrics I used came from my scrap bags too. Some I only had enough to make the bottom of the bag and maybe the wrist strap too. It was fun coordinating the fabric colors and seeing how much I could use up from my scraps. But of course if I cut larger fabric for linings, there begins the leftovers of those that were added to the scrap bags and so on and on it goes, never ending scraps! Well I do love using the scraps first.

Clematis #1 is a Route 66 fabric print of road signs and gas station signs (remember when they were called service stations?)

Clematis #1 with yellow zipper and red accent fabric. This one has sold!

Inside Clematis #1.

Clematis #1 again with a smaller non- Clematis bag. I only had a bit of the fabric left, so I made a smaller Route 66 sign fabric bag.

Clematis #2 inside

Clematis #2 is denim with a cowboy boot and hat fabric. This one has sold!

Look I even had a cowboy boot charm to add to the zipper pull.

Clematis #2

Clematis #3 is a hot air balloon fabric print.

Inside Clematis #3

Clematis #4 is a blue print with a lighter blue denim bottom.

This is the back of Clematis #4, since the print looks a bit different on the back side I thought I would show it too.

Clematis #4 inside.

Another small non- Clematis zippered pouch. This one has already sold!

Clematis #5 is a building night scene fabric that has glitter in the fabric. Blue zipper and red accents.

Inside Clematis #5.

Clematis #6 pinks and greens with a yellow zipper.

Inside Clematis #6 is a 30's yellow print fabric.

Clematis #7 & #8

Clematis #7 has blue accents with a green zipper.

Clematis #8 has red accents with a black zipper.

Clematis #7 inside.

Clematis #8 inside.

Clematis #9 is a red bandanna fabric with denim bottom.

Inside Clematis #9

Clematis #10 is a paisley print with a blue bottom and light blue zipper.

Clematis #10 inside.

Clematis #11 has the same paisley print as the above bag, but is on the bottom of this one. Red zipper and blue print top fabric.

Clematis #11 inside.

Clematis #12 is a pink and brown top print and a brown accent with a brown zipper. This one has sold!

Inside Clematis #12 is a light brown print.

Clematis #13 is stripes and dots. Coordinating fabrics.

Inside Clematis #13

Clematis #14 has a purse print fabric with the stripe print accent. The wrist strap was a coordinating fabric in a paisley, but I only had enough of that to make the strap and the inside pocket below.

Clematis #14 inside with the paisley print pocket.

Clematis # 15 is another paisley in pinks and blues with a blue bottom and pink strap.

Inside Clematis #15 blue gingham print and pink polka dot pocket.

Clematis #16 is a print of greens and blues with touches of yellow and red. The print if you look closely is 4 cats around the flower. Red zipper.
Inside Clematis #16 is a gold print and the exterior print pocket.

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  1. I bow to your Clematis-ness, wooooohoooooooooo - those bags are GREAT! I love the fabric combos and the zipper pulls and the (leather?) tags - you put such care and thought into your bags! Your hardware is really elegant too :)

  2. I'm going to try the clematis next. I just finished 8 lipsense zippered bags with no time to blog to enter them in bag it. Might have to IG those.
    I also might have to go the 'set a timer for 45 minutes so I will sew' method of craziness.
    Sandra (sandra sews) and Lisa (IG) guilted me into sorting my scraps which allowed me to whip out four clothesline bowls for gifts.
    I also sewed some scrappy qayg panels for zippered bags but stalled due to design issues. 1. Make essential oil bags. 2. Just make a darn zippy bag. 3. Use them as a panel for a tote bag. 4. Not enough mental energy time.
    Congrats on making 16 different clematis's. Goid luck on your show!

  3. Enjoyed looking at these - you've been busy! I have a question about how you organize your extensive fabric stash. Do you have them categorized like in a library (since you have library experience) so that you can see them all in a glance?

  4. those wristlets are adorable, they really show off the fabrics and they are so practical. I know these will sell if I could I would buy all of them.

  5. These are just wonderful - great fabric choices. Thanks for linking up to the Elm Street Quilts Bag It event.


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