Friday, October 27, 2017

Pass the Hot Dish, a Fabric Basket Casserole Carrier

I was a pattern tester for this Pass the Hot Dish basket from Around the Bobbin. While this was a quick and easy sew that Lisa originally designed in 3 sizes, it proved to be a challenge to get our pans to fit correctly inside the basket as Lisa found out that there are a lot of variances to each size. So Lisa worked hard to get make changes to the pattern and in doing so narrowed this pattern down to 2 sizes (9x9 and 9x13), but each of those sizes have different heights now too, a regular and tall size. I just received the updated pattern from Lisa, so I have not tried the new improved sizes yet.

I made the smallest (8x8) size first when testing and I got it finished the day Lisa emailed me the pdf. When my pan didn't fit, I started on the 9x9 size. Meanwhile, Lisa started realizing that 8x8 pans are tapered and really aren't 8x8, so that is why she dropped the 8x8 size from the pattern. But I am using these basket to hold some sewing items and they are great for that too.

These basket store flat too, so they don't take up much space at all. You can make them in fabrics to go with holidays too. If you have a clear glass dish to place inside they probably look better than my stained old tin, lol!

This is the 9x9 size I made. 

I chose to make the inside and outside of this basket in the same vegetable print fabric, with a purple accent for the handles.

The handles fold inside to store flat.

During the test the only way this would fit is to really push it down, which wouldn't work if there was hot food in this pan. So Lisa went back to the drawing board to improve on the size.

Here I am showing the small (8x8) inside the 9x9 basket. Lisa eliminated the 8x8 size as it just didn't work at all with the pans.

The inside can be the same or different fabric. I chose 2 different fabrics for this basket.

This was the smallest size (8x8) I tested and that Lisa took out of the pattern because it didn't work at this size at all. I put a large Fiesta Ware bowl inside because my pan didn't fit. I am using this basket on my ironing board to store a few tools in and it works great as a basket for that.

I plan on making some more of these, using the updated pattern. Like I said before these are a fast sew. Great for gift giving any time of the year! 

So pop on over to Around the Bobbin and get your Pass the Hot Dish pattern. There is a 15% discount through October 30th too! Just scroll down to get the code on her blog. You will see the other tester versions on her blog as well. I guess my pan was too stained looking to include my photos? Maybe she forgot to add mine because I was the first one finished? Oh well that's how it goes sometimes.

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  1. Enjoyed seeing your work, but the whole sizing thing made me laugh. Sometimes we get a great idea about a project that's easy to sew, handy to have and think, hey "I'll make it into a pattern"! And then all these other challenges creep into the equation. Hope it all gets straightened out, because - like I say - it's an easy, handy project.

  2. I'm glad that as a tester, you're willing to let the designer know about problems. If I were a designer I'd certainly want to know about problems - I'd feel awful sending a design out into the real world that wasn't all it should be. I think your baskets look great (even with your well loved pan :D) - are the folded ends permanently stitched in place? It almost looks like they would come unfolded if the basket was picked up by the handles, with a loaded dish inside.

    1. Why would you test if you don't tell the designer everything and all you encounter? ;-)

    2. Anne I did tell the designer everything that I encountered with the test pattern. It is because I told her there were fitting issues with the pattern, etc. that she worked on those issues to create a better pattern that worked. I guess I don't understand why you would think otherwise? Oh and since you are a non-reply, I had to answer you here. Not sure if you will return to read my response to you?

  3. I'm glad she had you as a testers to help work out the bugs. I think casserole dish carrier is a great idea but now a days to sell a common item they are all designed a bit different so it may be 8 x 8 but have a large brim around the top. your fabric choices are so fun and yummy looking, great job and thanks for sharing.tara

  4. Always valuable to test patterns and make improvements. Great idea to make these for gift giving. Fun fabrics also. <3

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you! You are a no-reply so that it why I couldn't email you directly.

  6. What a great idea! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts Bag It!

  7. These carriers are a great idea, Daryl. I especially like the fabric you used on the smaller basket.


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