Sunday, September 13, 2015

Hand Knit Washcloths

Since I had a few skeins of cotton yarn hanging around, plus several partial skeins of cotton yarn too, I decided to knit some washcloths. I used the same knit pattern for them all, which is called Spa Day Facecloth and is a free pattern by Anne Mancine on Ravelry. I really like this size and it's got a nice thick feel to the washcloth as well. I have one in the shower and it's really nice! The front side looks as nice as the back side of the washcloth. Here are 10 washcloths I knit and I have finished a few more, since I took these photos. I am working on knitting the last one right now, so I will post the others another time.
I used up scraps of 3 different yarns colors to knit this washcloth. I only had a small amount of the yellow at the bottom and the other two yarns were variegated colors.
This was a variegated yarn and this is the front side of the washcloth.
Here is the front side with the back side flipped over on the corner so you can see what it looks like on the back side. 
This is the washcloth I kept and am using. I like the color combination in this variegated yarn.
The back is shown with the upper corner flipped over.
This one in sage green really shows the the knit pattern on the front.
The back side shows looks the same, except you see the purl side of the knit stitches, whereas on the front you see the long lines of the knit stitch, which forms a grid-like pattern. The rest is garter stitch on both front and back.
I like how the red and white blend to form bits of pink here and there in this variegated yarn.
Corner flipped over to show how the back looks.
I love yellow and blue together and the white gives this a fresh look. It's fun to knit and see how the variegated yarns knit out and the interesting patterns they form in the colors.

This yarn is all pastel colors and just tiny bits of colors on with the white. So it doesn't form the patterns of colors like the variegated yarns that are dyed in longer sections of colors.

This mostly white has tiny bits of blue, pink and yellow, but it was mostly white. So you get a different look here too.

I used up 4 different yarns to create this washcloth. Only one is a variegated yarn.
Here is another washcloth that I used 4 different leftover yarns to create it. Only one is a solid color yarn here.

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  1. They look lovely and a good way of using up all the left over yarn. I like the one you kept for yourself the best too. I've been using knitted washcloths for years now and love them. My yarn is green and looks like long grass when knitted up, works wonderfully.

  2. I like your washcloths! I would use them as dish rags, I have a knit pattern that I love to use with cotton yarn for the dish rags that is just the right weight and size I like for cleaning the kitchen, and I made them dark colors so they match my kitchen and don't show every little stain! Your variegated yarns are great and your using stuff up, it's a win win!!


  3. I have been seeing lots of crocheted washcloths and now your kniited cloths. I like the rib detail in yours. These look like they would be quite good for cleaning. The pastel yarn would be such a nice gift for baby showers and such. You dear must never just sit idle.

  4. Those are too pretty to use, Daryl. I love the knitted washcloths I have. They were gifts to me, I've never made any myself. You did a great job!

  5. Inquiring minds want to know... what pattern did you use? I love knit dishcloths, to the point that I learned to knit so that I would be able to make them for myself :) I need to get back to try to making some, especially since mine are getting pretty worn right now. These are all so pretty! I have a crochet blanket going with all of my leftovers.

    1. I updated the posting to include the link to the free knit pattern. I had to hunt for it :0)

  6. very cute, washcloths are fun to make because you can finish them so quickly. your are very colorful and festive, it must make you happy to use them. if you go on Ravelry you can find some wonderful patterns. I've done dog bones, peace signs, music notes and many other. I love making them but I don't usually use them because they take so long to dry. do you use them or give them away? my mother in law uses hers all the time.
    thanks for sharing


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