Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lots of Coiled Fabric Bowls

I have been busy making fabric coiled bowls. I have made quite a few. Some of these have already sold and some will be going to the consignment shop to sell soon.
I used a ribbon yarn to make this bowl.
This is also made using a blue variegated ribbon.
Looking down inside the bowl.
Fabric bowls made with fabric.

This bowl is small. I used some Southwest Kokopelli fabric I had to make this bowl. There were stripes between the Kokopelli' figures and it made the bowl look more interesting as you see those tan and black stripes wrapped into the bowl shape.

This bowl was made using a variety of leftover Southwest fabric prints.

This is the same fabric as the one above the previous bow, only it's a bit larger bowl.

This was another Southwestern print that had Kokopelli, turtles, lizards on it.

I used a brown Kokopelli print for the bottom of this bowl.
4 of the Southwest print bowls stacked together.
This was made using scraps of batik and hand dyed fabrics,

This is made from a variety of gray colored batik fabrics,

A taller bowl made from batik and hand dyed fabric scraps.
Looking inside the bowl.
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  1. I love how they look like funky pottery when they're all hanging out together.

  2. Divine! How can you craft everything and it becomes art?

  3. I love the Kokopelli ones. I have a "southwestern" bathroom in my house with kokopelli, cactus, Indian maidens statues, etc. Even terra cotta paint. I love it. They are all so beautiful.

  4. You've been very busy Daryl and they're all beautiful but if I had to choose I'd go for the multi coloured ones especially the hand dyed and batik fabric ones.

  5. I love the bowls, just wrapping the rope takes a long time let alone the sewing. I like how you finished the end of your bowl because that can be tricky and you did an elegant job. its interesting to see how the colors play out its always a surprise.

  6. Oh WOW! these are so beautiful Daryl, you've been busy making so many amazing items:) WOW love them all

  7. Oh My Heavens where have I been while you have been super busy making such amazing bowls. They all look wonderful. I think these make beautiful artful statements by themselves and then of course are so useable too. Creative Bowl Bliss...

  8. Wow what awesome bowls. Love the southwest fabric ones but then I love the colorful one too.

  9. Just beautiful, Daryl. Where do you find the time? If pushed, I think my favourite would be the one made from greys.


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