Thursday, September 4, 2014

Little Zippered Bags

I have been trying to use up some fabric scraps and I made several zipper bags using a few different tutorials to see if I like any of them. I tried one style bag that I wasn't wild about and another that looks okay, but I didn't like the directions. So I went back to making the rest of the bags (the selvage bags) my own way and I added the lining separately. Most zippered bags have you sandwich the lining and the exterior with the zipper in between. Well I don't know about you but I feel like I am sewing blind that way. Even if I baste each piece separately and then sew, things always tend to shift in the process and I do not like how the zipper looks after I flip it over so I can see it. I decided it would be easier and faster to make a lining like the bag (minus the zipper) and then join the 2 together wrong sides together and stitch by hand the lining to the bag. For me it's not more work because I avoid having to rip out the zipper and lining umpteen times to get it right when using the sandwiched method. I also tried experimenting with sewing on the selvages to create a fabric and I made a few goofs along the way and learned a few things too. One thing is that it's a lot of work just to create the selvage fabric before even attempting to make the bag! LOL!!! Well at least I put those selvages to good use. :0)
I used up red scraps for this bag. Didn't care for the instructions for this bag. I got directions from a book I checked out at the library months ago. Directions were lacking and poorly written. I had to make my own adjustments to make this bag work.
Gingham lining.
Gusseted sides. (Those lint and thread gremlins at a it again! Every time I take a photo they jump on my creation!) I gave this little bag as a prize for a name tag drawing at one of my groups and Angela won it. I know she will use it.
Selvage bags I made. I like the ones with the diagonal selvages better. I hadn't thought out the placement of the other 3 selvage bags very well because I didn't want them to look cut in half, but rather to have a short vertical selvages on the tops. I forgot about the boxed bottoms making the horizontal selvages shorter after sewing them.
I sewed the lining in after the bag was made, stitching it by hand around the top.
I love the little scissors selvage! I like other shapes on the selvages rather than just dots.
These were made the sandwiched zippered method. I had to rip out and re-do a couple of times. Where you sew the side seams it gets too bulky at the top by the zipper and things don't lie flat. 
The other side of the bags from above. 
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  1. I have made those zippered bags that have you sandwich the zipper and you are correct the zips aren't always good. I will try my next bag your way. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love your bags...especially the diagonal selvage design. I agree on sewing zippers into fabric...I like to see what I am doing and not have to rip out and re-do. You are sew good at making all types of wallets and bags and purses. I use my blue wallet all the time and I totally love it!!! So well organized and no added weight in my purse. Thank you again dear. Creative Sewing Bliss...

  3. Oh Daryl these are fantastic and perfect for a makeup bag or any kind of goodies!!

  4. I agree with you about the lining. Everything seems to be neater when I make the lining as it's own item and hand stitch together. Lovely

  5. I learned the same thing about losing favorite selvages as I boxed the bottom. Good point made.

    Julie @ Pink Doxies


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