Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Drawstring Sling Bag

I tested a bag for a new designer this month. The bag is called the Drawstring Sling. It's an easy to sew bag and it's large and roomy inside too. There were several of us testing the bag and as we tested and communicated, we experimented and found out some things. I used one layer of Craft Fuse interfacing rather than the 3 layers of interfacing that was called for in the pattern. I figured that one layer of what I had would about equal the 3 layers, but my bag came out stiffer than I expected it to. Of course I also used the Craft Fuse on the lining as well instead of another 3 layers of interfacing. I think I was the first tester who finished the bag, which can be good or bad. The other testers started to use other things. Since I didn't know what interfacing the designer had used before I began, (I should have asked before cutting anything), I thought what I used would work as the bag was supposed to stand up on it's own. My bag does stand up on it's own just fine, but something not so stiff would have allowed the drawstrings to pull easier. Well I suppose that is why there are several testers and after hearing what worked or didn't work for each tester, that's when the other testers tried different things. I would have opted to use fusible fleece or Soft and Stable instead of the interfacing if I was doing my own bag and not following the instructions. I added a casing instead of the eyelets that were called for. I should have used the eyelets. The casing along with the stiffer interfacing didn't work well for me. I just had such an awful time when I made a bag with grommets a couple of years ago because the grommets were not working and were falling out as I put them in. I was afraid of having a bag with 14 holes! I suppose I should have put in the eyelets and if they didn't work I could have then made a casing to cover the holes.

After everyone made this bag and gave their input, the pattern was reworked several times and now will be so much easier to make with the updated instructions. I know what I will need to do if I make another bag, LOL!!! You can go to the Fashion Clique page website to purchase this pattern if you would like to make your own Drawstring Sling and follow the updated and revised pattern, lol!!! I'm sure you will enjoy making this bag knowing the instructions are spot on now. It's not difficult to sew and goes together quickly too. Go here to see all the tester's bags. You can get the pattern with a 10% discount now too by using this code: 10off  Discount good until October 20, 2014.

Here is my version of the bag~

I used a home dec fabric and a piece of fabric that I had painted and stamped a couple of years ago as the bottom.
The flap of this bag is a great place to decorate using applique or hand or machine embroidery or fussy cut a pretty fabric piece like I did above on mine.
There is a magnetic snap closure for the flap and the drawstrings to cinch in the bag. I made a casing rather than the called for 14 eyelets around the bag. If my interfacing had not been so stiff, this would have worked fine.
The lining and the strap are the same fabric. In fact this fabric was some fabric that my mom had given to me last year that she still had that was from her quilt shop that she owned in California in the mid-1970's! I still have a few yards of this left.

Back of the bag.
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  1. the detail about the interfacing was very helpful, I usually don't think to much about what sort of interfacing or batting I'm using I just grab what I have. I'm so glad you're a tester your input is not only helpful for the person you're testing for but for us as well.

  2. What a fun looking, colorful bag. I usually start testing a bag immediately but had to complete an order before I started. I really appreciated those who went ahead of me, this time.

  3. I love your bag. I knew you'd choose some fun fabric to make it but this is even prettier than I had imagined.

  4. Fun bag for keeping your hands free. Creative Bag Bliss...

  5. This is a happy bag, so colourful and vibrant

  6. I love it!!!!! Your creations are always beautiful, thanks for the review and for the inspiration. It's always nice to discover new designers!!!
    Great job Daryl :)

  7. I love that yours is so bright and colorful. Okay so I like all the bags. I had just read Mia's Creations and I liked her brown with wavy lines bag.
    Very cute!


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