Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Yellow Chrysanthemums

A neighbor of ours brought us over 2 huge gorgeous yellow mum plants as a thank you. My husband likes to help our neighbors doing some yard work for them when they aren't able to do it themselves. It's good exercise for hubby and he truly enjoys it. He never expects anything in return. Our neighbor brought these by our house in her car because they were so heavy she couldn't lift them. This was her way of thanking my hubby. How sweet of her. I love them! Chrysanthemums are my birth flower too!
You can barely see the second pot of mums behind this one. These are huge and beautiful!

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  1. I love it when neighbors help out each other when they can. Beautiful flowers, I bought some for my sister when I was visiting earlier this month.

  2. Beautiful flowers and even better photography! I think a thank you like that says a lot about you and your husband. I have too much space to possibly keep the weeds down - 10 acres of dirt. I love on the desert, though, so the natural plants suit the area. I hope to have a beautiful yard some day.

  3. Oh these are beautiful Daryl and great photos! Have a great week and thank you for stopping by today:) Have a great evening!!

  4. what's not to love about flowers, enjoy

  5. They're beautiful and the perfect way to say thank you. I love fresh flowers.

  6. The best gifts are those unexpected ones. Bless your hubby for helping neighbors with chores. Lovely Chrysanthemums Dear...

  7. I love chrysanthemums! They are one of the things that makes me feel like it's fall!


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