Monday, September 22, 2014

Fetch Your Sketch Portfolio

This is the 3rd item that I tested for Annie. It's a cute portfolio for your art supplies or for your child or grandchild, called Fetch your Sketch. When you open it one side is a chalkboard (using chalkboard fabric). Easy to make and would make a great gift for the artist in your life. It's another wonderful pattern!
I had this cute paint tube fabric that was perfect to use for this portfolio. The instructions have a longer strap too that you can clip onto rings with swivel hooks, but I didn't add the longer strap on mine because I wouldn't be carrying it across my body. The handles here I made wider because I was going to use wider hardware rings than what was called for in the instructions. Then I decided to omit the hardware on mine as I felt it wasn't that necessary for me. The flap closes the portfolio with a magnetic snap.
Opened up with the chalkboard fabric on one side and the pockets on the other side. There is a larger pocket under the chalkboard and another large pocket under the mesh/clear pockets to hold your sketch pad or book.
On the left side is a mesh pocket on the bottom and above the mesh pocket are 2 zippered pockets made with clear vinyl so you can see inside the pockets. While I used a purple polka dot lining fabric, you cannot see it because it's under the chalkboard pocket and the 3 pockets on the left side. So no need to use a fancy or expensive lining fabric on this. 
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  1. Another great Annie pattern! Nice job on it!

  2. Your fabric choice for this little portfolio is perfect. This would really be nice for the little one's when traveling.

  3. What a great gift for a young child. Nice job again, Daryl.

  4. Oh wow! this is one fabulous case to carry your sketch book or any other journals, and I LOVE that fabric!!

  5. Oh I need this for my little funky art classes I was taking. Seems like I always showed up empty handed to class. Fortunately my wonderful teacher always supplied everything we needed. However it would be nice to bring my supplies home or on travels. Fun fabric you have used. Creative Folio Bliss Dear...

  6. I love it. My children would love this too. YOur fabric is lovely and so bright you did a great job

  7. Beautiful project, I really like the colors of your fabrics. Original and unique, I leave it in my folder of things I want to do. Thank you for sharing...will be a nice gift :)


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