Thursday, September 18, 2014

Out to Lunch Bag

I recently tested 3 patterns for Annie (of 2 were lunch bags. This one is called the Out to Lunch Bag. I chose a vegetable fabric for this bag and used Soft and Stable, a stabilizer for bag making that makes the bag stand up nicely on it's own. Soft and Stable is a product created and sold at and of course she uses this product in all of her patterns. The instructions are great and this bag looks stylish enough to use for more than lunch if you use a pretty fabric. I love this bag!
I quilted this on the diagonal. Soft and Stable is so easy to sew and quilt through. The binding and handles are royal purple, but that color tends to photograph bluer. There is a slip pocket on both the front and the back of the bag. Both sides look the same.
The pattern calls for using a double pull zipper, which makes sense, but I didn't have one on hand so I used what I had which was a white metal teeth zipper. Yes I said white. I however painted my zipper with purple watercolor paint and heat set it. It turned out just fine. I used a ribbon for the zipper pull even though the instructions have you make a fabric zipper pull. The problem was that the opening to my zipper was too small for the fabric to fit through and the ribbon was even a struggle to get it in the opening pull of the zipper.
Inside the bag are 2 mesh pockets which are perfect for holding one of those frozen packs to keep your lunch cold. Or you could also place a napkin in one of the mesh pockets too. The gussets bellow out and keep your lunch from tumbling out of the bag.
I stacked 4 small containers inside the bag to show the space inside. There is still plenty of room to add a few more items.
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  1. It really seems like a great pattern. The fabric you chose is very appropiate. Dying the zipper was a very clever idea!

  2. I am so glad you mentioned dyeing the zipper because, living in a rural area like I do, finding the right zipper to match can be a beast. I have so many Dharma dyes that I will just dye one next time I need it.

  3. You always come up with such good tips. I never would have thought of dyeing the zipper. Love your bag and the fabric you chose is just perfect for this bag.

  4. Really cute, Daryl. And the fabric is yummy.

  5. Great bag and I like the idea of dying a zipper to match.

  6. i love how innovative you are, the white to purple trick worked really well. its a great looking lunch bag and of course the fabric choice is great.
    excellent job and I like the mesh on the inside.

  7. I love Annie's bags and you really did a beautiful job showing it the colors!

  8. Daryl your bag is perfect. I love how you "made" the zipper purple to match the theme. This bag would be so great for lots of things I can think of. Excellent work my friend. Creative Lunching Bliss...

  9. Great pattern. I love that soft and stable.

  10. Looks like a great pattern. I like pockets.
    Your bag looks great


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