Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fox Appliqued Tee-Shirt

It had snowed a couple of days before Thanksgiving, so I decided to grab my camera and photograph a few things I had made while there was still snow on the ground as it usually melts pretty quickly here once the sun comes out. This is a gift I made for my grandson who loves foxes. I figure it's safe to post it now as he is too young to get online and see my blog, lol.
I made this fox and appliqued it onto a tee-shirt for my grandson. The shirt is way too large for him, but he likes the larger shirts to sleep in. He has been into foxes lately, so I thought he would like this. 
I put batting behind the applique and machine stitched it in place. Then I carefully cut the excess batting away using my applique scissors. The fox has a bit more of a cush to it with the batting. I added the whiskers, claws, etc. with some hand embroidery.
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  1. Such a cute little fox. Your grandson will love it.

  2. My grandsons would love this! They go crazy singing "What does the fox say?" so this would be their kind of shirt...very cute!

  3. This shirt is just perfect for a little one. He will love it.

  4. The shirt it was cute. I am sure he will love it!

  5. I meant to say the shirt is SO cute!

  6. Fabulous Fox shirt for your little one. Handmade gifts are the best. Creative Joy...

  7. Awesome shirt with that cute fox and he will certainly love it:)

  8. Oh so cute! I can see your little guy happily running around in it's well worn already!

    1. Thanks for rejuvinating at TUesday ARchives...the perfect share under our Machine Applique theme!

  9. Well done. I can't imagine appliquing to a Tshirt. Must have been tricky. Great idea adding the batting.

  10. I see you have a thing for foxes , a good thing! My DIL would love to have this for the new grandbaby.


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