Monday, December 9, 2013

Art Doll

The fiber art group I belong too decided to make an art doll after seeing one of the show-and-tells from one women. Her doll was a different doll than the one I made here. I used a free pattern by Barbara Owen. I missed the day they actually made the dolls as I went somewhere with my daughter and grandson that day, so I did my own thing and made this doll here she is:
The heart button is a cinnamon button I made years ago. It's made with cinnamon and applesauce. I made cinnamon Christmas ornaments as gifts decades ago in all sorts of shapes and a little paint. They smell so good! I also strung some beads for a necklace, added a flower with a button center and made her hair out of eyelash yarn that has a sparkle to it. The coiled metal I used to hang the doll from is the coil I save from those paper theme books. 
I hand stamped a piece of fabric with a variety of stamps and decided to use the stamped fabric for the dress of the doll. I also stamped some fabric to use as the face, arms and legs too. The stamp I used for the "skin" I purchased from my blog friend Norma. The stamp is called En Francais, Go here to see how Norma used this stamp in a Halloween card. Also here Norma used the stamp on an anniversary card with butterflies.
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  1. Love your art doll! I printed "my face" and some inspirational words on fabric to make my own doll a few years ago. I've yet to make her, like so many of my projects. Maybe after Christmas, I'll get moving on mine. As have inspired me!

  2. Daryl, I love the art doll. I have never made one, but yours is beautiful. I would like to try one some day. I have bookmarked the pattern. Thanks for sharing your doll.

  3. Wow, talk about homemade, the buttons are handmade and you printed your own fabric. Its incredible. Do the buttons still smell like cinnamon? I love the fabric and the little bikes are so cute. great job all around, you made a little hippy girl and she is adorable.

  4. She's great! I have made many dolls in the past that I always had to be "perfect". Your doll is what I call a Spirit Doll and I love her. All of your techniques make her so personal. I used to make those cinnamon ornaments too. Weren't they popular back then! I did Christmas craft shows with a group of other crafters. Back then that kind of thing was so big. I miss it, kind of. Love the doll.

  5. This is fabulous. So unique and beautiful. Truly art.

  6. I love your art doll. The print fabric works great as the face, arms and legs and I love the idea of a cinnamon button. You're always full of inspiration.

  7. WOW! how amazing is this doll and OMG! the stamp looks amazing. Thank you for the links and plug so
    sweet, I will also have to plug in your project next time I use the stamp to show how versatile it can be. I LOVE LOVE it:) Have a great evening and thank you for stopping by today.

  8. Daryl I love your doll!!!!
    This is a style of art that I am passionate about it , combining techniques and material is beautiful. I really like your doll all the details ... the heart button, the hair, the necklace ...I love all ! You left me more impressed when I learned that you have used a piece of hand stamped fabric WOW!!!.
    Beautiful, just beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration and congratulations on creating this doll for me is a work of art :)

  9. That doll is v-e-r-y artsy chic !

  10. Daryl, you are just amazing. Your art doll is so creative, right down to the cinnamon and applesauce heart button. Such attention to detail.


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