Thursday, December 26, 2013

Gifts For My Sister

This is what I made and gave to my sister:
I gave my sister a little wallet that I made and a Kumihimo necklace that I braided with a glass pendant.
I bought some of these pretty glass pieces a few year ago. Silly me I thought they were beads (didn't have on my reading glasses and couldn't see well enough!). But they didn't have holes in them when I looked closer with my glasses on. So they sat for years. Then after learning how to make braid with the Kumihimo disk, I thought I would like to put something pretty on the necklaces that I was making and got some wire to twist around the glass pieces in order to make a pendant to hang from a necklace. The glass really sparkles in the sunshine.

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  1. Love the cute little pouch and the necklace is so pretty. I love the stone the colours are gorgeous. Did you use any kind of glue to hold the stone to the wire?

  2. Very nice handmade present! I bought a kumihimo foam circle some time ago but have not used it in a while. I made a thin cord using embroidery DMC floss.

  3. Those are very thoughtful gifts, and you are right about the glass. It's beautiful and you had a good idea about how to attach it to the necklace. Happy New Year!

  4. so cute, I think a collection of gifts like your sending your sister are very special to open. They are all very special. I just love kumihimo I just wish I could think of things to do with all the ones I've made.

  5. What a beautiful gift! Your necklace is lovely, I'm sure your sister will be very pleased when she receives your gift. The technique of Kumihimo is something that is on my list of things to learn next year. Another beautiful creation! I wish you a happy new year, much joy, health and especially enough time to keep creating!
    Happy 2014 Daryl :)))))))

  6. That is such a beautiful pendant Daryl! Everything you make shows your love of the art of making it as well as the love you feel for the ones you make it for :*) (Terrible grammar ☺)


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