Monday, December 16, 2013

Knitting in Flat Circles

I checked out a book from a library recently entitled, Knitting in Circles, by Nicky Epstein. I wanted to give one of the circular motifs a try and using some small bits of mohair yarn that my friend Tara gave to me, I made this knitted circle. I enjoyed knitting this soft mohair circle.
Here is the center of the knitting. I love the swirl look.
I used 3 mohair yarns to knit this. I knit until I was out of the pinkish/purple yarn and then added the teal color and I knit garter stitch in the variegated blue yarn so it wouldn't curl. The last blue yarn was a bit thicker than the first two yarns.
You can see the swirl created here, like the top of a hat, only it's flat.
I am using this a table topper to sit my lamp on top of. I love how soft the mohair feels and looks too.
While I enjoyed knitting this circle and I will definitely be knitting more circular designs, I am not sure I would make any of the projects in Nicky Epstein's book, Knitting in Circles. The projects are lovely to look at, but not my style to knit. I can see knitting coasters, round mug rugs, place mats, table toppers or appliqueing a circle to a bag or clothing, but not knitting an entire outfit made of knit circles. The book has dozens of different flat circular motif knits to choose from and the majority of the book is comprised of instructions for making individual circles; so if you are like me and just want to knit the circles but not necessarily the projects, then this is an excellent book that you might want to own or see if your local library has it.
{I have no affiliation to KnitPicks or Nicky Epstein either, I just thought I would pass along my 2 cents on this book}.

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  1. Very pretty, love the pink mohair.

  2. Very nice and it looks very soft. I don't knit but I understand what you say about projects in a book. I do that too. I follow instructions for technique but usually come up with my own project to which apply the technique.

  3. I love teal and I love mohair but most of all I love how you made these circles. Good job I'm subscribed to your emails otherwise I would have missed this post.

  4. Oh the softness of Mohair and the richness of the yarns. I love the swirls in the center. This is a lovely table topper. Knitting in the round is not something I have ever attempted. Peace and Joy...

  5. Beautiful work!!! I love your yarn. We just got a new yarn shop here in town. The owners have 100 alpaca, so lots of alpaca yarn and wool roving!! I am so exicited!!! I am not a great knitter or crocheter, but I do enjoy the little bit that I can do, and now I am learning to felt and needle felt! FUN FUN FUN!! Have a lovely Holiday :^) and thanks for sharing!!

  6. hello famous friend, I agree knitted circles are beautiful but have limited use. I love the swirl look so its great for small projects including some fun toys that I've seen as well as my favorite which is hats. being short I like that others can look down and see the swirl on my head.

  7. Lovely! I really like the swirl effect! I also like the combination of colors and the softness effect of the mohair. Another beautiful creation, and a book that I will consider buying in the future, thanks for all the info!
    BEAUTIFUL !!!!!
    Marisa from

  8. WOW! this is really pretty Daryl and I like the two colors combined. Have a lovely day!


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