Monday, December 2, 2013

Little Gifts for a Blog Friend

I got to meet a blog friend in person in November while she and her family were traveling in the states. Mara is an American, but married to a Greek and lives in Greece with her husband and her son and daughter. We met at a small fabric shop in Albuquerque. I made a few little gifts for Mara and her children. Got to keep those wee ones occupied on car trips you know. Mara's Blog is Secretly Stitching. Would you believe I forgot to take my camera with me? Oh well I did take pics of the goodies I made for Mara and her children.
A monster pencil pouch for Mara's son, a little dog for here young daughter and a little wallet for Mara. I wrapped the little wallet in some Southwest fabric.
This is a tiny little dog I made using wool. I stitched the collar in place and added a heart "dog tag".
I even added a little tail on the back.
You can see here how small the dog is. Mara's daughter is 3 years old (? I think), so the dog is just right for little hands to hold. 
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  1. Cute as can be.....they are going to love all of the goodies!

  2. Any child would be delighted with those gifts and love Mara's wallet too. How exciting it must have been to finally meet a blogging friend.

  3. Those are such precious little gifts. It's always so nice to receive a handmade gift. You had a good opportunity to meet a fellow blogger.

  4. So sweet! Lucky you to get to meet up with Mara!

  5. Wonderful gifts for the little ones. So very special to meet blogging friends.

  6. Daryl Dear your gifts are very sweet and thoughtful for your new friends. Adorable little dog. Creative Joy...

  7. How exciting to have met Mara and her family and how generous and sweet were you to have made such cute gifts for her children:) I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and was able to recover LOL!! Have a fantastic week.


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