Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ghost Lights & Fourth of July Canyon, New Mexico

Happy Halloween!!!
My daughter made these cute ghost lights using white paper cups, googly eyes and a string of white lights.
So simple to make.
Here with the light turned off.
The autumn leaves had mostly already turned colors a couple of weeks ago at the 4th of July Canyon in New Mexico. 
I did manage to find a few colorful leaves to take some photos.
I love the texture of trees! This one looks like puzzle pieces.
The canyon is blanketed with leaves that have fallen. The colors had already turned mostly to browns.  I heard a couple of weeks ago the canyon was ablaze with colors of reds and golds. We missed the gorgeous colors, darn!
It's still a pretty site.

Some trees are really tall!!!

Back at home our ocotillo was turning colors too,
It turned from green to this.
Ocotillo leaves.
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  1. Love the ghost lights. Our area is part of the huge rain storm that is covering part of the country. Unfortunately high winds and hard rains will leave lots of leaves on the ground that would have made for a wonderful flurry of color. I suspect it will be a lean year for trick or treat tonight. Sad since we look forward to seeing all the littles.
    Happy Halloween .

  2. Cute little ghost lights! Love the pictures.....there is certainly beauty to be found in every season!

  3. The lights are so cute! You are right the trees are beautiful. We saw a lot of ocotillo plants when we were in El Paso last month. I didn't know they turned colors. That is just beautiful. Thanks for showing the lovely pictures.

  4. Love your posting today!!!! Thanks for taking the time. You have inspired me. I live in Redding, CA and we have some beautiful outdoors also. Think I'll go take some pics after I dig out my string lights!!!! Tell your daughter on lights! "Thanks!"

  5. Beautiful photos ! How sweet is it to have your daughter follow in your crafty footsteps !

  6. Hi Daryl, I'm back online. Love the ghost lights your daughter made. She's taking after her mum. The Autumn photos are gorgeous and I love the one of the tree bark that looks like a puzzle. I'm looking forward to checking out your blog to see what I've missed.

  7. OMG! the ghost lights are so adorable and a great idea for next year!! WOW! the pictures are amazing and so fall/autumn looking:)


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