Friday, October 4, 2013

Kumihimo Necklaces

I made a couple of Kumihimo necklaces recently. I also had these pretty glass pieces (I don't know what they are called) and I added some wire around them so I could put them on the necklaces.  
Pretty glass that I added wire to hang on the necklace.
The necklace on the left was made with ribbon. The necklace on the right I used a variegated green chenille yarn. It's really soft.
Glass pendant I made for the necklace.
Close-up of the ribbon braided.
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  1. Those necklaces are beautiful! I had never heard of that kind of braiding. It's really interesting.

  2. Very beautiful! That glass and braiding is gorgeous.

  3. Very nice necklaces. I love the ribbon braiding, the glass really is beautiful too.

  4. You are one very multi talented person ! Those are so pretty !

  5. OH...they rare so beutiful, you did an amazing job. This is the first time I heard of this technique, thank you for sharing your creation with us! Your necklaces are beautiful!!!
    Marisa :)

  6. They're beautiful Daryl. These are my favourite colours. Is there anything you can't do.

  7. Hi!!! I love them!!! Very pretty!!!

  8. How did you make the necklaces? Knitting? At first I thought you hand-braided them -? It would not surprise me if you did. These are very lovely. Now jewelry-making can be added to your long list of skills ;) !!


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