Thursday, October 3, 2013

On the Rio Grande Bag

My friend Tara gave me a yard of fabric a couple of years ago for my birthday called, "On the Rio Grande". She got it from a quilt shop in Taos, New Mexico. I wasn't sure if I wanted to make a quilt using this fabric, or how I would use the fabric, so it sat for 2 years. Then I checked out a book from the library recently called Best of Stitch: Bags to Sew.  I saw a bag in this book called the Dahlia Bag, and I knew that this fabric would look great made into that bag. So that's just what I did.
This fabric from Free Spirit is called On the Rio Grande. 
The fabric depicts scenes along the Rio Grande. I love the bright colors of this fabric.
Even skinny dippers! Lol.
Oh there they are again on the side pocket.
This pocket shows some pueblos.
Some smooching along the Rio Grande too, lol!

The orange fabric was a fat quarter I won online and it was perfect for the side, bottom and straps.
I had some turquoise polka dot fabric that I used for the lining.
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  1. Really cute and that purse pattern let you use some larger pieces to keep the fabric intact. Love all of the little scenes. I'll bet you'll get lots of great comments when you carry it. ;)

  2. That's a fabulous bag. I just love that fabric, and the skinny dippers are so funny. What kind of straps did you use.

  3. It`s absolutely beautiful and love yoour fabrics combo!

  4. You're right, that is the perfect bag pattern for that fabric! It looks like you put a lot of time in to piecing it all just so. Not to worry, we'll keep your secret. :-)

  5. Your bag is beautiful, I love all your fabric choices.

  6. Gorgeous bag Daryl!!! I love the fabric - so FUN!!! That pattern is pretty cool too - lots of room and a flat bottom - nice :*)

  7. BEAUTIFUL !!!! I love your bag, I think that is a nice fabric for this bag, just beautiful. I love the fabric !!!!
    Marisa :)

  8. Hi Daryl:) WOW! such a beautiful bag and I love the inside with the orange color bottom. I hope Tara has seen how you used the lovely fabric she gave you for your B-day:) Gosh Daryl you are such an inspiration and I REALLY wish I could take some sewing classes and the time:) One day though:) Have a fantastic weekend:)

  9. Wow, I think it is absolute genius to have cut up a panel and make it into a bag. I would have NEVER thought of that, in fact I would think there would be fabric laws about not doing exactly that. You found the perfect way to use the fabric just in time for me to go to Taos today and look for more challenges for you. The bag itself is a great size and the curve on the top with the polka dot inside adds to the overall fun factor of the tote. What is the difference between a tote, bag and purse? I interchange those words all the time without really knowing what separates them from each other.
    Well done, next we need to discuss cleaver ways to store a rather large collections of bags.
    Good job on the earrings as well.

  10. I love your bag and the fabric is fabulous.

  11. Love your bright and bold and fun bag! Great job featuring all the fun details in the fabric!


  12. Wow. The fabric was made for that bag. The orange is a perfect compliment--looks like Rio Grande. You could have used the skinny dippers for the 60s Twister hop.

  13. Oh no they caught me skinny dipping! I skinny dipped a many a time on the Rio Grande and in the hot springs around that area.

  14. Very nice use of a panel, and the fabrics you chose to line the tote and go on the bottom were perfect. Very creative!

  15. What a great bag! I think the fun, bold print goes really well with this bag.


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