Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Crochet Poncho

I made this crocheted poncho as a commissioned piece. It's called Customizable Crochet Poncho. The yarn is called Swish, a bulky weight Merino from Knit Picks.
It started here with the yarn that Norma chose.
I then had to wind the skeins into balls. Here is the top view where the yarn pulls from the center of the ball.

Ball of yarn side view.
Then with a crochet hook and the yarn it turned into this poncho. The added buttons are decorative.
The poncho can be worn various ways. Here with the buttons in the front.
It can be worn with the buttons on top of the shoulder,
Same as above but I took this photo at more of an angle.

The gray color will look great with anything. I hope you love it Norma!
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  1. OMG! Daryl, it turned out AMAZING and I LOVE LOVE it so much. I got it just a short while ago:) I saw your post this morning but as soon as I saw the title I exited so I could be surprised once I got it. I love how you displayed varies ways to wear it, love it. The yarn feels amazing too. WOW! you are a truly amazing at what you do my sweet friend!!!! Thank you for the lovely surprise along with the poncho:) Thank you once again:) :)
    Big Big hugs

  2. Beautiful crocheted poncho. This is perfect cool weather to have yarn in your lap to add warmth. Crocheting Bliss...

  3. It's beautiful. I had to go out an buy something similar recently, wish you lived closer.

  4. Oh Daryl, I loooove this poncho!!!! ( poncho is a word in Spanish, and I love to use it) This poncho is just beautiful! Thanks for giving us the link to the site where we can find the project. A single word to express what I see: this creation is "sensational". Thanks for sharing!!!!!


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