Friday, October 25, 2013

Little Wallets

I made a few little wallets to give as gifts. Here they are:
5 little wallets that I made for gifts. The light and dark blue one I made to match my Evelyn bag that I recently made.
Opened little wallets.
Another little wallet I made for Linda. 
Wallet opened.
Linda's blog is Buzzing and Bumbling and I thought the bees on this fabric was a good choice for her. This was one of many things I sent to Linda.  Her homed burned down recently and I had lots of things I sent to her. I really didn't need those items, but I thought she could use them.
I made this little triangle scrap quilt years ago. I sent this to Linda too. Thought she could use it as a large mug rug or a small table topper.

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  1. Your wallets are a joy! And what a wonderful and generous friend you are to Linda.

  2. Oh how scary!!! I can't imagine losing everything in a fire! I'm sure she was delighted with your gifts - anyone would be!!!

  3. Hi Daryl ! I agree with Annie, your wallets are beautiful, I love the color combination you've done with the fabrics, you did a nice job :)... and also, I find that you are a generous person when thinking about your friend and send those gifts. I'm sure she will like them and above all she's going to appreciate your gifts.
    Have a nice day!
    Marisa :)

  4. Those are really cute little wallets. It was very generous and kind of you to send your friend such nice gifts.

  5. Very cute. Isn't it cool to give handmade?

  6. Your wallets are beautiful. It is so sad to lose everything in a fire; I saw the pictures on her blog. It is so nice of you to send her your beautiful things.

  7. Daryl, you surprise me every time with fabulous projects and these are just so cute and perfect for business card or credit cards:) Fabulous fabrics too, have a fantastic weekend.

  8. I love your wallets and the combination of colours you used. It's hard to choose a favourite one. Love the mini quilt too, so cheerful. Which pattern did you use for the wallets?

  9. Daryl, your wallets and mini quilt are very sweet!


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