Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tip Of the Morning Tuesday~Bobbin Holders

At my applique group one month, my friend Bobbie, showed us all a tip for storing our bobbins so that the thread stays put. She said she saw this tip online somewhere, so maybe you have already seen this before and maybe you haven't, but I thought it was a  great idea.
This is a foam toe separator for using when you paint your toenails. This one is just a single separator, but you can usually find them all attached in a group of four like the photo below. This makes a great bobbin holder to keep your thread from getting all tangled up. The bobbin fits perfectly in the space.
This is the type of toe separators that come with 4 linked together. You can use these as well to put your bobbins in and because they come in various colors you can color coordinate the foam to your bobbin colors too if you want to. You can find these at variety stores, beauty supply stores and dollar stores.
I have seen people use those clear tubes where they slice off a piece to wrap around the bobbins too. While the clear tubes work well too, I like the look and feel of using these foam toe separators even better. If you sew at classes or retreats, these make it easy to transport with you too.

Another tip: If you want to keep your bobbin and spool of thread together, take a pipe cleaner (also called chenille stems) and stick the pipe cleaner into the hole of the spool of thread and then into the hole of the bobbin and twist them together. That way you always have your bobbin and thread together.
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  1. great tips, I've seen the toe separator used before but the pipe cleaner idea is new. great suggestions.

  2. Thanks for the tips. I use the plastic tube method and find it works great for me. In fact I was trying to get round to post that as one of my tips.

  3. I like the toe separator idea for the bobbins. Mine are just thrown in the box with the rest of the sewing machine stuff. I really do need to get organized.

  4. OMG... what a fantastic and clever idea Daryl. I love clever tips like these:) Have a wonderful evening and I will be getting back to you on the email later on or first thing tomorrow:)

  5. I love this tip! I use plastic drinking straws to keep bobbins with their thread spools. I cut the straw to the desired length (longer for cone thread, shorter for spools) and also snip one end a couple times about 1/4" down so the bobbin will slide on but not too far. Then I put the straw in the spool or cone and the bobbin on the end of the straw. As I keep my most-often used threads upright by my machine, this method works well for me. A friend said all the straws and bobbins looked like tropical plants or a coral reef!

  6. Hi Daryl, thanks for the tips! I have to get a foam toe to organize my bobbins!!!! ...this tip it looks very good and I love also the pipe cleaner idea . On the other hand, the quilts you made are beautiful, I like both versions!
    Great job Daryl :)

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